Dessert, Part 2

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“Y-yes, I stuttered, barely able to even say that, because oh, did that feel good. His hand cupped me, as two fingers lazily slid up and down the place where I occasionally touched myself, alone in my bed. When he increased the pressure, I almost choked on the sip I’d just taken. I could barely pay attention to the taste of each soup, of each wine, although if I had to hazard a guess, I enjoyed them. But nowhere near as much as I was enjoying the sheer pleasure of what his hand was doing to me, how he was touching me. I was starting to think that I’d have my first orgasm in front of another person tonight, and I found I didn’t mind that fact at all.

“You like that? Stefan asked, his tone showing clearly that he thought he was the one in control. And oh, was he ever.”Just…please, don’t stop, I begged, my voice shaking, my whole body tight and tense, but in a pre-orgasm way, in a very good way. And then we were done with our dishes, and a few minutes later, the two waiters and waitress returned, and terribly enough, Stefan had to remove his hand. He surprised me by taking that hand and raising it to my face, to stroke my cheek  “ the very hand that had been touching my¦pussy – I guess I should call it that, because a less sexual word doesn’t seem to work anymore, not now, not after the way that Stefan had touched it, stroked it, almost gotten me off, even. I couldn’t help it “ the fact that he was touching my face in front of these unaware people, with a hand that probably smelled like my most private of parts, well, it made me blush a little, but what’s more, my pussy started to throb, and I became desperate for the people waiting on us to leave, so that he could go back to what he’d been doing, so that he could finally get me off.

“This is our final dinner course, and then we will be bringing the cheese course and then dessert, something special that the dessert chef has concocted just for the two of you.

“Wonderful, Stefan said, and still, all I could think about was how soon the three of them could leave.

Plates were placed before us, wine was poured, this time into a taller, narrower glass, and I didn’t even hear the waiter saying  what this course involved, just that it looked like some stuff stuck on a long metal stick. The wine was full of bubbles, so I figured it was some kind of champagne. All I wanted to know was when they would be gone, and when Stefan’s fingers would return to my clitoris, and I hoped this time he would bring me over the edge, that this time he would make me come. So I almost started to whine as I realized the three of them weren’t leaving.

Fine, I might as well ask, if they were going to be annoying and stick around. I turned to Stefan, and just then, he placed his hand on my thigh. His touch was light, almost teasing, and it was a tease, in the most honest sense of the word. I sighed and turned to him. “I’m sorry, but I missed the description of this dish.

“Oh, you did? Damn him, he was so obviously mocking me. I couldn’t help it, I pouted, only barely managing to stop myself from grabbing the hand on my thigh and shoving it back to the spot where I wanted it most.

“Yes. I did. I practically growled out the words.

“Well, it’s a more sophisticated BLT, with a sparkling wine, a Brut, I think.

“He is correct, the waiter nearest to us said. “The BLT consists of a slice of ciabatta, a slice of heirloom tomato, a sliver of fried Jamón Ibérico, then a leaf of arugula, and a second slice of ciabatta. It is meant to be eaten all in one bite, so hold it over your lips and use your fingers to slide it down the skewer until it’s all in your mouth. Paired with it we have a two thousand and three American sparkling Brut.

“Ah, OK. That’s kinda cool. I picked up the skewer and did just as he said. Oh, it was so good! I mumbled an “Mmmmm, around my food-filled mouth. It was rich, salty, and perfect. I found the sparkling wine to be wonderful too, but not as wonderful as when the three wait staff left the room. I couldn’t help myself, saying, “Finally. Now, could you¦

“Oh no, I’m saving that for dessert. Stefan grinned at me. “I know how close you are, and I’ve decided I’m just going to torture you until dessert is placed before us. I’ve notice how the only things you take home from the bakery are sweet things, so I want to make this the best dessert you’ve ever tasted.

“OK, was all I could say, and then I gasped as his fingers slid across my breasts, the pressure faint but not even slightly unpleasurable. Then he kissed me again, and this time his tongue entered my mouth, and I found myself sliding mine against his, as his hand cupped my left breast, squeezing it in quick, firm pulses, and I practically had to cross my legs from the buildup of tension between my thighs. Then he removed his lips, removed his hand, and I found I was rather short of breath. I was panting, practically ready to beg him to let me get off, to get me off, to pleasepleaseplease get me off.

And then the door swung open, and thank god, there was the cheese course. Our glasses were filled, and the plates and empty skewers were cleared, and each of us received a plate with two cheeses, some fruit, and some¦pistachios?

“For our cheese course, we have an unctuous, soft goat cheese from Healdsburg and a hard, nutty goat cheese from our very own city. Paired with the soft cheese we have some honey-filled cherries, and with the hard cheese, some salted cashews. Along with the cheese and accouterments, we have a very fine Sauvignon Blanc, nineteen seventy-five. Enjoy.

The door clicked shut after they left, and Stefan and I started on the cheese course and the wine that came along with it. I found myself practically moaning as I took the first sip of the wine, but maybe that was from the light, teasing brush of Stefan’s fingers on my underwear, coming ever-so-close to where I wanted them, but not quite, not quite. The cheeses were just as described, and the rich, creamy soft cheese was my favorite. I surprised myself by picking up one of the cherries and sliding it between Stefan’s lips, but he certainly didn’t seem to mind, his lips tight around my fingers, sucking every last drop of sticking honey off of them. It seemed like hours later, but finally, the plates were cleared, and then I was surprised to see a new woman with the two waiters, this one wearing what I believed was called a “toque, obviously setting her apart from the waiters and waitresses. Was this Stefan’s friend?

“I hope you two are enjoying your meal? she asked, pausing to brush a few errant hairs behind her ear. She was gorgeous, and I found myself wondering if she and Stefan had ever had a thing, and then I remembered he’d said her girlfriend owned the restaurant, so most likely, that wasn’t the case. She was skirting the edge between female and male, her features chiseled but still rather delicate, and her bright green eyes were what stood out the most. “It is our first night, after all, and we still haven’t worked out all of the kinks, of course.

“Oh, it’s all been so delicious, I said, smiling at her. And it’s turned me on more than I ever have been before, I could have added, but of course, that wasn’t the food’s accomplishment.

“Good! Well, for dessert, we have a glazed fruit tart, with strawberries and raspberries, topped with grated Belgian chocolate. Paired with this, and she chuckled a little, and then continued, “We have steamed hot cocoa, flavored lightly with cinnamon. I’m so glad you could make it, she said, leaning in and pecking Stefan on the cheek. Then I heard her stage-whisper, “She’s really cute, honey, good choice. I couldn’t help it, I laughed a little.

“Well, enjoy dessert, and I hope you two enjoy it better than the entire rest of the meal. I’ll call you when I finally have free time again, and maybe we can go on a double date. Bowling, perhaps? She left the room, and dessert was placed on the table. Oh my, they were gorgeous, with flaky crust, dark chocolate shavings coating each one, with bright red fruit peeking through. But the best part of dessert was yet to come “ I was yet to come. And then, only on my second bite, I did. Not from anything Stefan was doing, but merely from the taste of the dessert. I bit my lip so hard I thought it would surely bleed, but hard as I tried, I couldn’t help but let Stefan know, very clearly, that I was coming, and that I was coming hard. My body shook, my legs clenched and unclenched, and so did my pussy, pleasure flooding every inch of my flesh. I had never imagined such a thing were possible, that I could come merely from the taste of something sweet, and I barely managed to take in the shock on Stefan’s face.

“Wow, I heard him say, finally, once I was back in reality once more, once my orgasm was over. “I¦that was from the dessert? God damn, I’ll have to ask Shauna for the recipe.

“Yes, I think I could manage to eat that every day, easily.

“I don’t blame you, Mary, not in the least.

We managed to finish dessert without any more orgasms, and then Stefan walked me home. Before we left, though, he had excused himself for a moment, returning to the table with a small, white box, the type you bring home leftovers in. I asked him what was in it, and he told me he’d show me once he got me home.

I invited him up, and he followed me up the stairs and into my apartment. Inside, he placed the box on the table in front of my couch, and sat down, patting the seat behind him. “I think it’s rather unfair that you came without my help, and so I thought we could go for an encore, if you don’t mind.

“I most certainly don’t, I said, grinning a most wicked grin, not unlike the one he’d had on his face earlier.

“Take off your panties, and then you can see what’s in the box. I did as he said, not pausing for a second, and then he lifted up my skirt, and his lips found my clitoris instantly, drawing a long, low moan from my lips. I reached for the box, and I was delighted when I saw what was inside – four chocolates, each with gold flecks on their tops, and then, most wonderful of all, there were two miniature tarts, one with a single strawberry, the other with one raspberry. I couldn’t help myself “ I picked up one of the tarts, sliding it between my lips, savoring it this time, the sweet sharpness of the strawberry, the rich caramel surrounding it, the flaky, delicate crust that held it all. As I swallowed the last bits of it, Stefan’s tongue sped up, and I knew this orgasm would be even better than the last. If eating chocolate was a sin, then I would become a sinner – a sinner who never, not even once, considers repenting.

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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