Dark Angel: Divine Intervention

“Look, I called in comatose to work today and I just don’t feel like going out tonight. Right now I make your typical Emo chick, surreal nail polish and all, look like Doris Flippin’ Day, which roughly means that I might very well bring down the overall tone and flavor of your little social occasion. Okay?

Maggie Stephens scowled at her cell phone, shifting in the sheets of her Victorian bed. The sheer lace canopy that oversaw her sleeping place, along with the sleek satin sheets and rose dream comforter that formed its luxurious base, supplied a frequent source of comfort and sanctity for the 29-year-old artist.

Not today, apparently.

“Look Jamie, I’m sorry. Maggie pursed her lips. “I really appreciate the invitation, but I’m just not up to an evening out.

She cringed at the long, belabored sigh that filled the other end of the line.

“Maggie, it’s been six months since you and John broke up, Jamie Wilhoite, her best friend since childhood, belied her words with a second heavy sigh. “He found someone else, and he left. It’s time for you¦

“I know, I know, Dr. Phillippa. Maggie rolled her eyes. “It’s time for me to put away the chocolate and the voodoo doll\’the latter of which, due to my skillful handiwork, came out much cuter than John\’and get on with my life.

“Something like that, Jamie sighed yet a third time.

Now that’s just overkill. Maggie managed a small smile, adding aloud, “I should be better in a few weeks, Jamie. I’ll give you a call.

Pushing the off button on her cell phone, Maggie set it on her night stand\’a fine work of ivory latticework\’and rolled over in bed; freezing at the sight of bronzed muscles, lavender eyes, and a pair of oversized ebony wings.

“What the¦. Jumping to her feet, she stared with wide eyes at the tall, gorgeous, and noticeably naked man who still occupied her bed.

And despite the gent’s muscular frame, sculpted cheekbones, massive chest, ripped abs, and long, hard cock, his most prominent feature remained the pair of lushly feathered wings that protruded from his back.

“Careful with the language, Babe. The man tossed his long, silken black hair to teasing effect. “You’re in the company of an angel. He fixed her with a sly grin.

“I’m in the company of a total wacko! Maggie corrected, helpfully. “How did you get into my room?

The man chuckled, folding his hands behind his head and striking a languid pose.

“Would your typical wacko be this hot, he waved down the length of his flawless form, “or have such a cool pair of wings?

Maggie clutched the sides of her cotton velour robe, gathering its folds around the lush curves of her tall, rubenesque form.

“So are you trying to tell me you’re an angel?

“Well, duh. The man’s full lips spread in a catlike beam. “The name’s Sebastian.

Maggie backed away from the bed, shrugging uneasily.

“Cool name for an angel, I guess. She frowned at the absurdity of her own words. “Why should I believe you? Why shouldn’t I be calling the police?

Sebastian shrugged, relaxing the length of his sculpted body in the depths of her soft, slick sheets.

“You can do that, he beckoned her forward with a sly finger, “and miss the best sex you’ve ever had.

“OK, that’s it. Maggie dove for her phone. “It’s good ol’ 9-1-1 time.

“Hold up a minute, Maggie. A sobering Sebastian held his hands up in front of him. “I know why you’re a little skittish about this, but don’t be afraid. He gifted her with a lavender gaze of pure, serene comfort. “I’m here to help you.

Maggie froze.

“Help me? She folded her arms. “Why? I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Sebastian nodded.

“Yep, you’re a strong chick. He gestured toward her in blatant admiration. “You’re a successful artist, a smart gal, and a cute blonde to boot.

For the first time that day, Maggie smiled.

“Well, thanks. She patted her blonde bob with a girlish grin; one that fled her fair-skinned face all too quickly. “Not cute enough, though, to keep my boyfriend away from that slut.

“Hey, wait a minute. Rising to his feet, Sebastian approached a still cautious Maggie with slow, sturdy steps. “What happened wasn’t your fault. The guy’s an asshole.

Maggie giggled in spite of herself.

“Careful with the language, she winked. “You’re in the company of a horny blonde who’s on the rebound.

Sebastian held his arms open to her, warming her with a sultry gaze of open invitation.

“That’s why I’m here, baby. His tone soft and low. “I’m here to take care of you. I can make you all better.

Maggie shook her head, her clit gushing as all resistance drained magically from her being.

“This is insane. She whispered.

“Totally, Sebastian took another step closer. “And it will feel so good, baby. With this he flexed his chest and ab muscles, not to mention those blasted wings, to delicious effect. “Come to me, Maggie. Take me now.

With a resigned sigh Maggie moved forward into Sebastian’s arms, sinking in his muscled embrace as he swept her off her feet.

“Wow, you must have celestial powers. She cast a self-conscious glance down her fully made form. “Most men can’t even begin to pick me up.

He silenced her with a fevered kiss, covering her mouth with his and massaging her lips. Soon their tongues joined in a heated tango as his hands massaged her back.

Finally he broke the kiss, setting her on the edge of her bed and staring deep into her eyes.

“I won’t hear you putting yourself down, Princess. He placed a gentle but restraining finger over her cherry red lips. “Today I aim to make you feel like the goddess you are.

He soon found an even more useful purpose for that finger, as he lifted the skirts of her short satin nightie and massaged her feet and legs; his probing strokes eliciting a pleasured purr that clearly drove him insane.

“That ex of yours was not only an asshole. He buried his head in her chest, nibbling and licking her nipples through the surface of their sleek satin covering. “He was out and out crazy. How could he give up such a beautiful, passionate woman?

“Um, know what? Maggie’s soft hands canvassed Sebastian’s strong, massive chest, tweaking his nipples before lowering to stroke his impeccable washboard abs. “I think I like you.

“You think? Sebastian chortled. “Well then let me make it a certainty darling.

Maggie released a surprised gasp as Sebastian dove between her legs, grasping the border of her sheer lace panties with his teeth. After skillfully divesting her of this silken obstacle, and depositing it on the floor beside them, he tickled and kissed the rounded belly other men mocked. Then he rose up on his knees to engage the giggling Maggie in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss.

His agile fingers, meanwhile, tickled her nether curls and coaxed open her feminine folds, sending shockwaves of erotic electricity careening through her body. Releasing a low, deep moan of arousal she wrapped her arms around his back, drawing his lean, hard body into the depths of her feminine softness.

Taking this as a cue, he slipped his finger into the pouch of her soaking wet pussy, setting her afire with a long, slow probe as her moisture coated his fingertip.

“Not that I question downright wonderful things, she grinned, running an affectionate hand through the length of his flaxen hair, “but what are you doing?

Sebastian cocked a curious eyebrow, and kissed her grinning lips.

“You mean to tell me no man has ever found your G-spot, Sweetness? His free hand massaged her fleshy thigh as his finger continued to explore her nether regions. “Do allow me to show you then, all that heaven allows.

In that moment he ˜hit the spot;’ his finger igniting the source of her pleasure. She screamed outright as waves of sexual heat exploded throughout her body, spiraling her to the heights of the ultimate climax.

Even as her heart pounded and her nub rained its approval, still she wanted more.

Seizing the body of a smiling Sebastian she pulled him onto the bed, gathering him in a warm embrace as her hands and lips explored every delicious inch of him; his flawless face, his moist lips, his sculpted chest, his trim legs, and finally his hard, throbbing cock.

Hungrily she devoured his long, stiff member, savoring his deep, masculine growl as she licked and suckled him.

“Oh, princess. He thrust his hips forward, filling her mouth with his expanding shaft. “You undo me.

She startled a moment later as he pulled away, sweeping her up in his strong arms and cradling her to him.

“As good as that felt, baby, tonight is for your pleasure. He chucked her chin, planting sweet, adorable nips across her flushed face. “Today, I do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Eager to prove his point, Sebastian lay her body across the length of her soft, sweat-lined sheets, settling himself between her legs as he made quick work of her clingy satin nightie; revealing at last a voluptuous body that earned a wolf whistle of divine approval. Then he kissed his way across her full hips and up the surface of her stomach and breasts.

“Ah, babe, you’re too much. Maggie charmed him with a drunken grin, wrapping her legs around his back as she stroked his beefy shoulders. “I say more women should try this, ˜sex with an angel’ business. It rocks.

Sebastian guffawed outright.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

With a heated growl he swept her up in his arms, seizing her lips in a frenzied kiss as he penetrated her core, his shaft surging in fevered strokes as it probed her hungry pussy. Their chests, hips and hands joined in graceful concert as he joined them as one, diving deep within her to form an intimate connection that neither wanted to break.

Their arms locked as Sebastian buried his head in her full, lush breasts, kissing her nipples to a state of full erection as his cocked continued to fill her. Then he kissed and nibbled her neck as she thrust her hips forward, taking him deeper into her.

Finally their eyes flew open, and they shared a glance that bespoke heated passion and tender understanding. With a firm, hot kiss he exploded within her, their bodies merging as a radiant whole as he carried her across the bounds of sheer, unbridled ecstasy.

Collapsing in his arms, Maggie laughed outright as she graced his lips with a sweet, grateful peck.

“I do hope you’ll excuse the bad pun, she arched her eyebrows, “but that, quite simply, was out of this world.

“Actually I can’t quite excuse that one, Sebastian scrunched his nose in comical distaste as he drew her closer to him. “I’m an angel, not a saint.

“Yeah, well, whatever you are. Maggie nestled his neck. “I hope you come back soon.

She took in her breath as he sat up in bed, spreading his majestic wings to glorious effect as he gifted her with a beneficent beam.

“Whenever you need me, Maggie. He took her in a warm, loving embrace and rested his chin on her head. “We all need a little divine intervention. Once in a while.


Megan Hussey

Megan Hussey is a Florida-based journalist, feminist activist and erotica author. Please visit her website.

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