Dance Partners

Sipping her champagne, Lola watched her girlfriend on the dance floor. The band was playing a fast-tempo jazz song, just the right kind of music for Keana to prove that she could really move. Her partner – just a random woman they’d met at the club – could barely keep up. But Keana, from Lola’s experience, could make even the world’s worst dancer look amazing – Lola was one great example of that. At least, she had been in the past, possessing two very obvious left feet. Actually, it had seemed like she’d had more like ten left feet when they had first met, all of them stumbling over one another as she tried to keep up with her future girlfriend.

* * * * *

They had met in a dance studio, Keana the teacher and Lola the student. That first night, after the two hour class, Keana suggested that Lola stay late.

“I won’t charge you extra, promise.” Keana was smiling as she said this, a smile which brought an amazing amount of life to her face, a smile which would take a few hours more of dancing with Keana for Lola to learn it was there because of her.

She stayed at the studio at least two more hours, spending almost the entire time in Keana’s arms. She also spent almost the entire time trying her hardest not to step on Keana’s feet, apologizing what seemed like every few minutes for a missed step or a stumble. They twirled, and dipped, and even did something called a sugar push, which caused Lola to tell Keana it wasn’t really all that sweet. It was just the two of them, alone in the studio, but after a few more hours had passed, Lola felt like she finally was down to only one left foot.

“You’re doing quite well, girl,” Keana told her, seconds before spinning her out, then back into her embrace. They were both panting a little by then, small droplets of sweat decorating each of their faces. Lola thought that Keana’s face probably looked better than hers did right then, admiring her rich brown eyes and full, lust-worthy lips. But Lola wasn’t jealous of Keana’s good – well, amazing – looks. No, she certainly wasn’t. Because she had spent the last few minutes feeling every touch of Keana’s hands in a more than friendly way – in a sensual way, in a way that made more than just her face and her limbs wet. And the exertion from the dancing wasn’t the only thing that made her knees week.

Now, held in Keana’s embrace, they both paused for a few moments. Then, just as the song ended, Keana brought her face within just a few inches of Lola’s. “Can I kiss you?” she asked, her voice soft, her grip on Lola’s waist anything but.

“I’ve been wanting you to ask for hours,” Lola whispered back, “ever since everyone else left.”

“Good,” and Keana stopped Lola from saying another word as her lips pressed against Lola’s, her body moving even closer than before, until not a single bit of space remained between their bodies.

Keana slowly lowered them to the ground, and even though the studio’s wooden floor was hard as could be against Lola’s back, all she noticed was the softness of the body which now lay on top of her, Keana’s face hovering just slightly above hers. “I know I only asked if I could kiss you, but I can’t help it – you’re so gorgeous that I don’t want to stop there. All this dancing with you, every time I touched your beautiful body, it made me want more. And now I’m almost ready to beg you to let me undress you, to let me bring my lips to other parts of your body.”

Lola’s mouth fell open a little at the compliments. This woman, with a dancer’s perfect, delicate body, was complimenting her own much thicker, much fuller form? “You want to…you think I’m gorgeous?”
“Oh yes, and incredibly sexy, too. Please, I must see more of you, Lola. I must…” Keana trailed off, leaning down to kiss her neck, her hands kneading at Lola’s waist. “Please,” she said softly, her lips now next to Lola’s ear. “Please…”

There was no way she could even considering turning Keana down – she certainly didn’t want to, and Keana was asking so very nicely. “Of course, yes. I want you, too, Keana.”

“Good. Thank you, sexy, thank you.” Keana lifted up a little, and began to unbutton Lola’s blouse, taking her time with each button, each deft movement of her fingers causing Lola to get wetter, to get more aroused. Once Keana got to the bottom of the blouse, she slowly spread it open, revealing Lola’s pink, lace bra, which she made short work of unhooking – Lola thanked her lucky stars that she’d worn one that opened from the front, because she couldn’t wait even a few moments longer for Keana to bring her mouth to her breasts. And luckily, Lola didn’t have to wait, because now Keana’s lips were kissing her right in the middle of her chest, kissing her…and then out darted her tongue, which she slowly slid up the indent between Lola’s full breasts. Then Lola let out a gasp, because now a very wet, very warm mouth was surrounding her left nipple, and one of Keana’s hands was cupping her right breast, that hand’s fingers beginning to roll her nipple back and forth as Keana’s tongue pressed up against the other one. Her mouth sucked away as her tongue danced back and forth, moving as elegantly and sensually as her feet had only minutes before.

There was an element of grace to everything Keana did, Lola realized, thinking this as she soon began to undress Lola the rest of the way, pulling down her shorts and underwear, revealing Lola’s very-wet cunt to the large, second-floor room. Lola thanked her lucky stars at that moment that the room’s only windows were very high up, realizing right then that she was now completely naked in a very public place. Thoughts of someone coming back to pick up a forgotten purse made her heart race a bit, but it also made her clit begin to throb. Or perhaps that happened from the feel of Keana’s hot breath on her cunt, her mouth tantalizingly close to where Lola wanted it most. And then, just like when their bodies had met, pressed up against each other as their lips also first met, Keana’s lips now met Lola’s clit, her mouth pressed up against Lola’s most tender spot. “God!” Lola cried out with a gasp. Then, she couldn’t help but ask, “Can anyone…do I have to be quiet?”

“No,” Keana told her, her face rising up from Lola’s cunt for a few seconds. “Be as loud as you want, sweetie.”

“G…good, I will,” Lola said, her stutter caused by the return of Keana’s lips to where Lola thought they belonged…at least, in this moment. Maybe later, they could be set free from this task, and they could be used to talk to her, to tell her something of this woman whom she’d just met, this woman who was now eating her out with an amazing amount of skill…this woman who was getting Lola closer and closer to coming with each flick of her tongue, with each movement of her lips, lips which tightened around Lola’s clit every now and again, tightened around it and sucked away.

“You’re so…good, Keana!” Lola followed that sentence with a gasp, and then she felt her legs tensing up, because she was just about to come. “I’m almost…please, please…” And then she cried out, her sounds echoing through the large, high-ceilinged hall.

Keana lifted up her head and crawled up Lola’s body, planting her moist, pussy-flavored lips on Lola’s still-shaking ones. Her body was quivering a bit from her release, but she found she at least had the energy to smile, and to tell Keana, “Thank you.”

“All that dancing,” Keana said, brushing a few stray hairs off of Lola’s face, “and all of that lovely fucking, well, I’ve worked up quite an appetite. Any chance you eat meat? And like ribs? I know a great place that’s open all night, down a few blocks from here. Their sauce is to die for, although I like your sauce better.” She grinned as she said this, then pushed up from the floor, leaning down to help Lola up.

“Yeah, I love them.  My dad used to make really good ones, actually, so my standards are pretty high.”

“Are they, then? What about your standards for women?”

Lola began to gather up her clothes, sliding her panties and then her shorts back up her legs. “They’re pretty high, too, but in the looks and sexual ability categories, you get gold stars.”

“I do, do I? Well, let’s hope these ribs get gold stars, too.”

* * * * *

As the song ended, Lola was brought back from that lovely memory, a memory that was already a few years old. She watched her girlfriend dip her dancing partner, but as she lowered the woman halfway towards the ground, Keana wasn’t looking at her partner – she was looking straight at Lola, her face glowing from more than just exertion. No, it was mostly the glow one got from staring at someone they loved, someone they treasured above anyone else.

When Keana got back over to where they were sitting, she plopped down next to Lola, picking up her margarita and taking a long swallow from the salt-rimmed glass. “How you doin’, sweetie?”

“Great, Keana, great. Although I am kind of hungry.”

You’re hungry? I’m the one who’s been dancing for the past four songs, you know. I’m the one who’s supposed to be hungry,” Keana said with a chuckle.

“I’m hungry for ribs, actually. Remember that place down the street from the studio where you used to teach?”

“Oh yeah, absolutely. Are you remembering something besides those ribs, though, perhaps?”

“Mmm, you know me well.”

“I could use a plate of them, I think. Although, based on the look on your face, maybe we should get them to go.”

“Yes. One thing first, though,” Lola said. She rose from her seat in the booth, and then she held out her hand, a twinkle in her eye and a grin on her face. “M’lady, may I have this dance?”

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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