Daddy’s New Fetishes

It’s interesting what new things turn me on since I’ve began this parenthood journey.

Once my partner got pregnant, I found myself looking at pregnant women in a totally sexual way. I still do. If you’re with child and walking around town, and you see some dude totally checking you out with a flirty glance and shy smile­“that was me. Before my partner got pregnant, I looked at these same women longingly, wishing I was a father“but now that I am, it’s total bow-chikka-bow-wow time.

You wanna stop a conversation dead in its tracks? Tell people that you love the taste of breast milk. If you listen closely, you can literally hear the screech of the brakes. “He said what now? Ewwwww. I think most of those folks saying “ewwwww are full of shit. It’s one of those things that you know lots of other men are doing, but will never admit to, like tasting their own cum. Look, I’ve got an oral fixation that could run a fucking marathon, and I’m a total size queen when it comes to nipples, so when you add the reward of a nice warm sweet liquid running over your tongue, down your throat, you just, you just, mmm, nomnomnomnom“oops, sorry, lost my train of thought there.

The one I’m most shy about admitting is my stud fetish. It seems so very heterosexist male, but it is what it is. If you’re a person of any gender who needs sperm for pregnancy, I want to deliver that sperm personally, and probably while wearing leather. I want a business card that says, “I’m Marlo Gayle, and I make pretty children. There’s so much baggage to unlock here, I’d go broke from the airline fees. It’s sexist, egotistic, there’s even a racist element in there“the stereotypical big black stud. It also plays totally into my exhibitionistic streak, and feeds into my desire to bond with people. Also, the thought of being able to bring the joy of parenthood to non-traditional family structures tickles my revolutionary cockles. Any reputable sperm bank would reject me due to my age and illness (I’m diabetic), and I’m not gonna have a “Wanna Get Pregnant? Party“ever. So I’ll keep this one close to the vest as possible.

Now go tweet this to your hot breast-milky friends.


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