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Peter worked graveyard shift as a payroll data analyst. He often had trouble adjusting to a regular schedule on his days off, so this morning when he found himself still wide awake at 2am, he decided to go to the local 24 hour drugstore near the university to pick up a few things. Plus he figured she might be working. He didn’t know her name. They had never spoken, but from the way she smiled at him he had a feeling she might have a thing for him as well. When he walked in, she smiled at him from behind the counter.

“Good evening. I mean, good morning,” she said. She had big dark eyes and full lips painted red. Her long wavy hair changed color often and she wore slinky outfits that highlighted her curves. She must have been about 15 years his junior. “Morning,” Peter answered, smiling back at her as he began to peruse the aisles. Shit, he thought, that was my chance to say something, ask her name, anything. He had already dropped toothpaste and shaving cream into his basket when he got to the aisle with the condoms and lubricants. What will she think if I’m shopping for lube by myself at 2am? What the hell, he thought. Peter picked up a lubricant. His off and on girlfriend had complained about the lube he had at his place. She said it was too “chemy.”

Peter began checking all of the labels on the boxes. Then he heard the clicking of high heels coming in his direction. He looked up to see the salesgirl standing right next to him.

Wendy was an art history major at college. She loved studying the lives of artists. She was inspired by the way they gave themselves over to their art, losing all inhibition through creativity.

Generally she wasn’t working alone in the store at this hour. Usually, Victor, the night manager, was with her, but he had stepped out to help with a situation at another one of their stores. Wendy had assured him she could handle the store alone for a short time. Victor was a graduate student in the art department. He had helped her get the job at the store. She enjoyed flirting with him and he seemed to enjoy it as well. Wendy had put on her special deep red lipstick and a particularly tight skirt tonight thinking of spending the night working with Victor.

But there was Peter. She thought he was kinda cute. She liked his wiry frame, thick dark hair and sharp features. He reminded her of the painter, Egon Schiele, who she was currently studying. She recently learned how Schiele was arrested for seducing an underage girl. Wendy technically wasn’t underage but she was certainly under this man’s age and this thought got her excited. When she noticed him browsing in the condom section, she couldn’t help herself.

“Can I help you?” Wendy purred. Peter looked at her and hesitated. Trying to think of something clever to say, he fumbled for a moment. “I’m looking for a lube that’s all natural,” He finally said, thinking that wasn’t particularly clever.
“Hmm…” she said, running her fingers along the edge of the shelf, “let me see.” She pulled one off of the shelf, “Well, this one has parabens.” She put it back and then got down on her knees and began checking the labels of the lubes on the lower shelf. “This one is my favorite,” she smiled up at Peter as she took the baby blue box off of the shelf and turned it slowly in her hand.

“Holy shit” Peter thought as he looked down at Wendy’s pretty face smiling up at him, “is this really happening?” He glanced nervously around for a second before fixing his eyes back on Wendy. From this angle he could see the hint of a white lace bra cupping the top of her full breasts inside her shirt. He could feel his heart start to race as the blood rushed inside his cock. Say something, he told himself, anything. “Why is it your favorite?” he asked, as the bulge in his pants became undeniable. Wendy slowly opened the box and handed Peter the small aqua blue bottle that was inside. Her hand brushed the front of his pants where his erection was beginning to show.

He took the lube from her hand, aware of his sweaty palms.

“Well…” she started, “it’s slippery but not sticky,” she hesitated, and bit her lower lip and grinned up at him, “for a smoother touch.”

“Is that all?” Peter asked. “No, I also like it because it stays wet for a long time…” Wendy let the word long linger. “And what else?” “It tastes good…” she said as she stared into Peter’s dark eyes. He turned the bottle in his hand. His erection was pushing hard through his pants and he reached down and rubbed it hard with his free hand, keeping his eyes fixed on hers. Wendy stared at the bulge in his pants and then into his eyes as she began to slowly unbutton her shirt revealing her lace covered breasts. Peter glanced over the aisles. No one else was in the store. But anyone could walk in at any moment. Apparently she didn’t care, so why should he? “Why don’t you show me?” he said and unzipped his pants, freeing his hard cock, and handing her the aqua blue bottle.

Wendy took a deep breath. This was going further than she had planned. She often fantasized about what it would be like to seduce a stranger, to reel him in and then give herself fully to him. Something took over inside of her. It didn’t matter that they were in public. It didn’t matter that she was at work. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know this man at all. Everything that should have told her it was wrong, made it all the more exciting. Her entire body felt alive and ready.

Wendy flipped open the cap of the bottle and squirted a generous amount of lube on her hand and then reached for Peter’s cock. Her touch was teasing at first, gentle, and he moved his hips closer, wanting more. She squeezed hard. “Is this what you want?” she asked. “Yes…” Peter moaned. Wendy arched her back, sticking her chest out, letting her head fall back and her long hair cascade down her back as she stroked his hard cock. “Tell me what you want me to do,” she demanded.

He looked down at her gorgeous cleavage. “Give me the lube,” he said. She obeyed. He pointed it downwards and squeezed about half of the bottle between her breasts. “I want to fuck those beautiful breasts. Take off your bra.” Peter could hardly believe his boldness. Wendy obeyed. She unhooked her bra and let it fall. Her dark pink areolas were huge and her nipples erect and waiting. She grabbed Peter’s thick cock in one hand and began rubbing it in the lube. “Oh god,” she moaned, “fuck me.” “Rub your titties,” Peter commanded and squirted even more lube. “Rub them and suck them.”

Wendy liked this idea. She began by teasing her nipple and then grabbed her breast and rubbed it hard, pushing it into his pulsing cock. “Suck it, suck your titty.” Peter could hardly believe his own boldness. She reached down and put her nipple between her soft wet lips, and her tongue teased and played, and began getting closer to his hard cock. She looked up at him. “Can I suck you now?”

“Yes,” Peter moaned. He squirted more lube onto his cock, as she took it into her mouth. She felt her pussy dripping with her own natural lubricant, as she sucked and teased with her tongue feeling him pulsate in her mouth. She had to touch herself. She pushed her hand down the front of her skirt and let one finger slide between her inner pussy lips, gently at first and then pushed it up inside of herself, deeper.

Neither one of them realized that Victor had returned. He could see Wendy and Peter through the glass door. He stood riveted. Of course he had fantasized about Wendy before, imagined what it would be like to make love to her. He was immediately jealous of whoever this stranger was, but he couldn’t stop looking, fantasizing it was his cock in her mouth, his hands caressing her soft breasts. He felt protective of her. He didn’t want anyone else walking in. Victor took out his key and quietly locked the front door and walked around the building and entered through the back.

He walked in softly to where he could watch them. His beautiful brown cock began to pulse as it filled with blood. He took it out of his pants and began to stroke himself as he watched Wendy finger fuck herself and suck Peter’s cock. He was still watching when Peter came and the cum squirted down Wendy’s chin, and she rubbed some of it on her breasts. She looked up and saw him staring at her, breasts exposed, covered in cum and lube.

She locked eyes with Victor and felt every inch of her body pulsing with excitement. The thought of him watching them made her crazy. Wendy pushed two more fingers inside her pussy, feeling herself open up more and more, wanting to be filled. She slowly took her fingers out and got up off her knees and approached him. She had wondered what it would feel like to touch his soft brown skin and long silky dark hair. His cock was uncut, long and sleek, like the rest of his body. She put her wet finger into his mouth and he sucked hard tasting her sweet juice. He fell to his knees and pushed up her skirt and pulled her panties down around her ankles and pushed her thighs apart and put his mouth on her pussy, licking up her juices and sucking her swollen clit.

Peter was watching and his cock started to get erect again. He walked over and stood up behind Wendy and wrapped his hands around her body pushing his erection between her soft round ass cheeks, grabbing on to her large breasts. Wendy was moaning, her hips swaying, her back arching. “Somebody fuck me,” she begged. Oh god I can’t wait anymore…I want both of you…”she paused… “to fuck me,” she said taking in a deep breath.

Victor grabbed a box of condoms off the shelf and tore it open, handing one to Peter and keeping one. They both ripped open the condom packets and put them on. Peter grabbed another bottle of lube off the shelf, opened it and began lubing up Wendy’s asshole. Soon her pussy and asshole were dripping with sweet juice and two pulsing hard cocks began pushing into her, slowly at first, they worked in rhythm, gently easing in. She didn’t know which way to turn. She was riding a wave.

Wendy had no idea if Victor had locked the door. She thought, a customer might walk in. The customer might even call the cops. They might all get arrested. She didn’t care. At this moment, she could think only of an Egon Schiele quote: “I am so rich that I must give myself away.”

Pink Lady

Pink Lady is a sex-positive radical feminist who is interested in expressing the sensuality behind seduction, the teasing of titillation, and the good clean fun of fucking.

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