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Happy Spring! In between those pockets of winter, the sun is doing her best to defrost things and people around here sure seem to be getting squirrelly! The first day of spring is coming up and it’s time to welcome the sunshine and longer days! Already got your to-do list ready for spring-cleaning? Planning ahead for your sexy summer vacation? Well we have some handy suggestions for making your buck go a little bit further all while getting just what to you need.

We love to tell people about kits! Especially since Molly and I love a good deal. If you’re looking for a good variety of items as a beginner, or for a friend or lover who’s curious but needs a little help picking something out, definitely check out the Turbo Bullet Kits. They come with two different types of vibes, lube, batteries and a nifty sleeve. These are some of our most popular kits and make a great gift. Video kits save you lots of cash and will give you an enviable collection almost instantly! Just try to keep your friends from borrowing them. Our yummy and fun Lets do Lunch and Pamper me Pretty kits are a wonderful way to spoil yourself or someone you love. Molly was hoping to get one for her birthday and ended up with three! We’re big fans of hints! Maybe write your wish list on a GV Sex Check and slip it in your sweetie’s purse, wallet or mail slot?

Lots of our kits come with a travel sized container of lube (like the 1 oz Good Lubrications) which is perfect to tuck in the picnic basket when you sneak out of work early with your sweetie to go enjoy the sunshine. Speaking of sneaking off… Well, enjoy the sunshine andour latest round of questions from curious customers. We’ve also put our favorite new items at the end of the column so check out what we just can’t stop raving about!

CeeCee & Molly

Q: Hi girls. I am recently divorced and getting back into the dating game. I have never been with anyone but my husband and feel like I lack experience. I was wondering if you could recommend something on how to give great fellatio?
— Sandy in UT

A: Hi Sandy. Good for you getting back out there! It can be really challenging to get back in the dating pool, especially if you’re not feeling so confident about your skills. Well we have a great suggestion for you. Our Man Alive Kit is a great kit to slip into if you’re looking for a little taste of tips and suggestions. Tickle His Pickle is a great quick read and covers how to give a great hand job and practical info on how to make using a condom fun and sexy. Remember to go slow and ask for feedback!

If you’re ready to dive in deeper and really get a firm grasp of the subject we can’t recommend the Ultimate Tricks to Please a Man Kit enough. This kit comes with two books that cover the subject in such great detail that your next partner is going to be a lucky, lucky guy! These are two of our best selling books on fellatio! Jay Wiseman’s Tricks to Please a Man has over 100 tricks for exquisite hand jobs and blowjobs. Violet Blue’s Ultimate Guide to Fellatio has sexy short stories, accurate anatomical info, and fabulous advice on giving good head. You wouldn’t believe how many questions we get about deep throat action and Ms. Blue devotes a whole chapter to this essential topic! Don’t forget your Finger Cots and Flavored Condoms, it never hurts to be prepared! Good luck out there and let us know how it goes!

Q: I am new to porn and I am overwhelmed by all your choices! What do you recommend for a newbie?
— D.C.

A: Thanks for your question! We were thinking of you when we created the My First Porn Kit! It comes with a great book that has excellent information about how to identify what you like and don’t like as well as how to pick out new videos. The videos in the kit are two of our most popular movies at GV. Eyes of Desire is a huge bestseller and this woman-directed, women-focused feature has a great plot and a real life married couple as the main stars. Love’s Passion is a dreamy woman-focused movie that has tender scenes and a plot!

Veronica Hart is one of our favorite directors of all time. She makes wonderful, high budget movies with plot, compelling characters and incredibly steamy, drawn out sex scenes. The Veronica Hart Three Way Kit showcases her top sellers (and customer favorites) and saves you over $30! I love Taken. I think it has one of the hottest three way scenes I’ve seen in a long time.

And just because we love our girl Jenna Jameson, check out GV Loves Jenna Kit where you can choose an extra title to accompany the super sexy (and Molly’s favorite) movie The Masseuse. We can’t help but notice people are snatching up this kit as fast as they can! If you need any help picking out the second movie just give us a call! Molly can go on for hours about her top ten Jenna movies.

Q: I would love to buy my new girlfriend a really nice toy package but don’t want to spend too much. She needs a lot of intensity and I want something to last awhile! Thanks.
— J

A: Great question! Our #1 best-selling kit is the Super Silicone G Spotter Kit. If you’ve been reading our column for a bit this will sound really familiar to you! So why is that? Well, the Hitachi Magic Wand is one outstanding toy. It will last for years and years and provides the strongest vibration we’ve got! It’s incredibly durable and has been a customer favorite for decades.The Wand itself only provides exterior stimulation but a lot of people love internal stimulation too. So when you couple this great vibe with the Super Silicone G Spotter attachment woo baby! You get an intensely pleasurable pair! Buying these two items together also saves a bunch.

The Essential Kit is another great, strong vibe that makes a great gift. This coil vibe is the strong, silent type. It’s powerful and even though it has a wall plug it’s super quiet! It comes with three different sleeves for the coil tip so you can change up sensation depending on what you’re in the mood for. Customers love the bunny toys and it’s so great to have that option on a coil vibe! This kit comes in under 50 bucks and makes a great surprise treat. Your girl will be rocking out in no time!

We love it when we get to check out the new toys before anyone else. We get asked all the time what our favorites are in the Call Center. People are just so curious about what we like and want to know the reasons why we recommend certain things. Molly and I take our jobs very seriously and make sure that we’re familiar with all our products so that we can help customers make good choices. We want you to be more than delighted when that plain brown package arrives on your doorstep!

This month we love the Golden Rod. It’s so firm and pretty! I just adore the sparkly bits of gold and the curve is perfect for G-Spot stimulation! The handcrafted nubs provide a lot of extra sensation. Our new favorite book is Pretty Things Press latest release, Naughty Spanking Stories A-Z. This is a one-handed read that you just can’t put down! Every single story is incredibly juicy and hot! Perfect for reading out loud in bed with a partner — they’re quick and steamy and should get things going just the way you want. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new! Finally, a collection of spanking stories all in one place! And we can’t stop dragging friends over to watch The Holewith us. I just love explicit movies that are hot and intense but don’t take themselves too seriously. If you’re looking for some gorgeous boy-boy porn with a hilarious plot, definitely check this out!

Good Vibrations

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