Cougars On The Prowl

NOTE: My initial thought before typing one word for this article was to dress up in my Cougar attire, head to the nearest watering hole and see how long it took for a young stud to approach me. But safety became an issue and I decided against that approach. So instead I’m using previous experience with public and social meetings as my informational guide for evidence of how cougars on the prowl can snag a cub.

Years ago this topic was referred to as a May-December romance but over the last few years it seems as thought more middle aged women are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality and those women are out there…on the hunt for younger men who can keep up with their sexual cravings.

Women in this age bracket are sometimes divorced, in an unhappy marriage or relationship, facing menopause or dealing with empty nest syndrome. They may feel that their sexuality is coming to an abrupt halt and don’t feel sexy, desired or wanted. So they go in search of someone, or something, to fill that void and bring them back to life.

These are just a few places cubs can be located:

  • Bars usually more sophisticated upscale locations.
  • Cruises whether specifically curtailed for the cougars/cub exchange or singles’ cruise ship voyages.
  • Friends’ parties and gatherings
  • Work

So when searching for that young man, there are a few key points to remember.

The Outfit-

Cougars dress alluring yet classy. From wearing junior girls’ low hip jeans with baby dolls tees to low cut shirts revealing voluptuous cleavage and tight, hip-hugging skirts. Their toned legs are enhanced by heels and when the cougar crosses her legs, eyes within the viewing vicinity are at attention.

Cougars pay special attention when leaning over and who to lean near when wanting to communicate their desire to a cub. She’ll also know the proper way to kneel down displaying a little more thigh to interested cubs. These moves take s little practice but can be accomplished by the newest cougar on the scene.

The Look-

Cougars have a look and they’re not afraid to use it. The seductive glint in her eye saying she’s ready for action and whichever cub she’s zeroed in on is her target. The way her eyes wander over his lean body. Her eyes glimmer with temptation and exude sexuality. Whereas the old adage is “eyes are the windows to the soulĀ, a cougar uses her eyes to tell the cub she’s ready for sex and he’s going to get lucky.

The proper way for a cougar to flirt with her eyes is for her to tilt her head slightly, giving her that innocent appearance, curl the ends of her lips up into a sweet inviting grin and flutter her eyes. Careful on the fluttering, too much can make the cougar appear desperate and immature. Most cubs are looking for experience. If they wanted immature they’d probably be dating the cougar’s daughter.

Body Language-

Cougars have confidence and class. They strut in the room like they own it and all its contents. A cougar moves with a swagger in her hips calling out to the opposite sex. Men, preferably the cubs, are drawn to her self-assurance and maturity.

Women at this age have curves and they know how to use them to their advantage. The strut, the way the hips sway…all to attract the young men in the room. Use your body to pull in curiosity then use your sensible, yet enticing, personality to grab their full attention.

Young men are enthralled with a mature woman who is at ease with her sexuality and body. The men love the confidence she exudes and their (the men’s) libido rises with the thought of having unadulterated sex with a woman who knows her way around a man’s body and the bedroom. Women at this age live in a spontaneous realm that these cubs crave. So why not share the experience together?


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