Cool Tips for a Hot Summer

August is just around the corner and many parts of the country are entrenched in a vicious heat wave. Unfortunately, summertime is not just about riding your bikes, having picnics, and playing with your friends anymore. In fact, in some places you have to stay inside to escape the heat for your own health safety. Heatstroke is definitely not sexy, so you have to be sure to keep cool. To keep your libido from dissipating in the heat, there are things you can do to hold on to it and even bolster it. On the opposite end, if you find your libido increasing with the temperature, lucky you! There are plenty of fun and sexy things to do in the summertime. Fewer clothes means more skin and more skin has a tendency to get all of our hearts pumping a little harder.

1) Ice cream sampling

When it’s too hot to chase the ice cream man, think of a better way to spend your time. Turn ice cream into an erotic treat. Blindfold your partner and feed him/her samples of ice cream. Then switch! If you’re feeling bold enough, ditch the spoons. Getting sticky can be sexy. You don’t have to go all out and buy thirty-one flavors of ice cream, but five could be fun to take a turn with. If you want to be healthy, try sorbet or even sliced, ripe, fruit. Depriving yourself from sight heightens your other senses and, more importantly, sugar makes sex so much sweeter.

2) Tent for two

What says summertime more than camping? For those who can actually go outside in the heat and are in the vicinity of a campground or some other place you can comfortably camp, pack up your car (and bug spray) and drive out into the wilderness for a break away from the city. Being under the smog-free stars is a breathtaking affair. During the day you can go for a hike. One of my good friends told me the best sex he’s ever had was while he was hiking. Being completed isolated and one with nature gives us the chance to really get in touch with our primal sides. Bring a blanket, though, you might not want branches prodding you in all the wrong places. Sharing a tent for two is obviously a romantic thing, too. Squeeze into the same sleeping bag to keep each other safe in the wilderness.

3) Everyone’s gone to the movies

Movie theaters are known for being an oasis in the summer heat. They seem to be air-conditioned year round. Take your dinner and a movie date to another level by finding a movie you and your partner might find erotic. Whether the actors, the characters, the plot, or the movie theater environment turns you on, the movie theater is a good place to get it on. Although I’m not advocating having sex in such a public place, if the theatre is empty and no one is looking¦who will know about your wandering hands? Sometimes it feels really good to be bad. If you’re not that much of a risk taker, use the movie as an appetizer before going home to your air-conditioned bedroom and re-enacting your favorite scene.

4) Take a Dip

When thinking about cooling down our hot sweaty skin skinny-dipping is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s, obviously, the best way to cool off. Run to your nearest ocean, lake, or pool, strip down and feel the water flowing across your pores and crevices. You might want to wait until sundown if you’re not at a beach that allows nudity. Even then you’re taking a risk! After swimming for a bit, lock lips for a bit and keep each other afloat. If there is absolutely no location you can get wet and naked without getting arrested, it’s time for some shower play. Keep the water warm so as to not lower the lower body blood flow!

5) Beach bums

Sex on the beach is definitely not just a tasty alcoholic beverage. This goes along with and can be paired with the above tip. If you can find a way to swing a nighttime romp on the beach, by all means, go for it. Lay out a comfy blanket, cover yourselves with an even comfier blanket, and expect stray sand to get into your hair and crevices. The sound of waves is the perfect soundtrack to a sexy romantic interlude.

6) Crank up the A/C and play with some frozen toys

There is nothing wrong with staying inside. Sometimes this is our only option. If you’re stuck inside, why not use some toys to keep you company? You can play alone or with a partner! There are a variety of options to choose from, but the attractive and handy Foreplay ICE vibe line uses ice to get you hot.

Use your body heat to melt the ice on the Foreplay ICE Chill Vibrating Ice Cube Bullet. Just pop this handy little vibe in the freezer until the ice cube has formed. If you want something a little less intense, try the Foreplay ICE Frost Vibrating Ice Cube Bullet. This one has a layer of silicone between you and the ice so it’s not quite as chilly.

7) Cruise it

I love to recommend getaways or even staycations, but this time I am very serious! If you don’t have a pool, A/C or anything that can cool down your environment, perhaps a little vacation will do. And by vacation, I mean the ultimate vacation: a cruise. Think of all the mostly naked people all in one big boat in the middle of a gorgeous ocean. Then think of yourself and your partner tucked away in your cabin alone at night. Summer is the time to literally rock the boat. If you suffer from motion sickness and medication doesn’t do the trick, try for an island getaway. Scant clothing in a tropical environment is the best thing about summer. No vacation time or funds? Take a run through the sprinklers then share a Popsicle afterward. Summer is all about slathering on sunscreen and getting creative.

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