“I like to have control. he tells me so casually. “So you can choose if you want me to read to you or just fuck you.

I smile and gasp at the same time. It has been a while and his voice still stirs me like the very first time we spoke.

“You can fuck me, I barely push from my lips. I am near an orgasm as I rub the cold steel of the Njoy Pure Wand along the folds of my cunt.

“Oh, you are already being naughty, he expressed with a grin.

I chuckle and gasp. Every breath, sound and word that comes from his mouth has got me on a high and I want to ride this through till I’m a heap of a mess.

“Grace, you are to ask me to come. Do you understand? He instructs.

Very familiar words he has said to me before.

“Yes, I say breathlessly. I am already fighting the urge to come. He knows this. He knows the variety of sounds I make.

“Someone is watching us, he sets the scene. “Who is she Grace?

“Jane, I whisper.

“Jane is at the edge of the bed with her legs splayed and playing with herself. She can see you. He describes.

I could very well see her and vividly see everything he paints for me with mere words. She is beautiful, she is devious and I want to come at the sight of her.

His words start in my ears and flush the skin of my cheeks, cause my nipples to erect, my thighs to have goose bumps and most of all, my cunt to be soaking wet. He plants kisses on my lips as his hand travels downward and I want his hand there. I want his fingers buried so deep inside me that I couldn’t remember my name.

My soft moans are growing louder and my breath is heavy. He knows me. He knows I am on the edge. My voice is shaking with pressure. I am about to pop.

“Can I come? I plea.

“Not yet Grace. As his words taunt my orgasm.

He speaks filth into my ear that makes my eyes flutter and my body is now shaking, convulsing and ready to lose the battle.

“C-can I come? I whimper.

The pause he makes is unbearable. Why do I let him torture me?

His fluid words keep me addicted and finally he tells me, “Yes Grace, come for me. His voice is demanding, controlling and fierce. He owns the orgasms that erupt from my body and they are intense, very wet and roll from one into another. I’m lost, light and consumed with his voice.

His story twists to Jane coming on my face and yes, I want it. I have never been one to allow a girl to top me but Jane is different and I want every inch of her. He wants to push my limits, my boundaries. He slowly describes pushing finger after finger into my cunt till he is fisting me and I am thrashing about. I can’t count the orgasms he plucks from me effortlessly.

“Come for me Grace, he whispers and I willingly come for him.

The sadist side in him continues to push. He knows. He keeps making me come over and over till I am overwhelmed with a flurry of emotions and crying. He can hear but he keeps pushing. Sometimes he gives me a break to collect myself as he soothes me and other times he keeps going till he has had enough. Today I was paying for the lapse in time between our sessions and caused me to sob twice. He explains he feels awful for causing such a reaction and yet the dom in him thrives from it all.

“You come so very exquisitely, he tells me softly.

Every syllable out of his mouth is magic.

Dark Gracie

Dark Gracie is a widely read sex writer, blogger, and deviant extraordinaire with a cult-like following. She gets up close and personal approaching sexuality with her trademark fallen-from-grace humor that entices readers. Her work has appeared in Fleshbot, Sex and the 405, BohoCrush,, Safeword Magazine and published in Erotica Diaries & Mayhem Magazine.

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