Coming to Conclusions

“It’s nothing personal, I said, slipping my hand into the fork of Nick’s crotch. “Rory turns everyone down.

I unzipped his pants and his cock\’short and thick with a bulbous head\’sprang out. Yes, I thought, pumping it softly, the person who’d come up with the term “tool had had a cock exactly like this one in mind. A drop of pre-cum gathered at the tip and I licked it off.

“Rory’s an ice queen, I continued\’not quite calling her a frigid bitch but leaving just enough pause between strokes for him to say it himself, with his fists clenched and his dick rock hard.

“Every month she comes to your parties, but she never fucks anyone. She never blows anyone or eats anyone out. She never even lets anyone see her cunt. I knew I was stirring up shit by saying all this, yet that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted Nick to feel as frustrated as I did. Yes, it was his house and so I thought he was in the best position to do something. Something hot and nasty that would get back at Rory for all those times she’d breezed past me, turning me down. Something that would give me, even vicariously, a taste of her snatch.

Nick’s cock strained up and into my mouth, his butt lifting inches off the armchair. If I don’t stop, I thought, his jizm is very soon going to shoot hot and fast down my throat.

To keep him steady, I gripped the base of his tool and then I slid my lips off of it. I had a point to make and, for it to be effective, I had to leave him dangling with it.
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“Don’t you think it’s strange, I asked, just as his eyes shot open\’wondering why I’d stopped. “That at every party Rory locks herself in the bathroom? I slipped my fingers down to his hairless sack, softly pinching the loose skin and massaging the eggs. “Don’t you ever wonder, Nick, what she does in there all that time? He tilted his head and finally\’finally he smiled\’coming to the same conclusion I’d come to.

“Some friends have just arrived, I said, getting up off my knees. “Perhaps we’ll be able to continue this later. Like never, I added mentally. Nick just wasn’t my type; he had boring mousy hair and even in black leather he smelled of the suburbs. I turned on my heels and walked to the front room where I could hear the newcomers laughing and flirting.

I gave them both a big hug and let them feel me up a bit, but I didn’t get very involved. I was too busy watching Nick and Rory. And Rory, she was doing some watching of her own. Yes, as usual she was sitting on the sofa checking out everything that was going on in the room.
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First Rory watched a blonde and a brunette on the opposite sofa. The blonde, in virginal white panties, was simultaneously wriggling against her own finger and eating out the brunette. The brunette had her thighs spread open, her mouth parted, her fingers knotted in the blonde’s hair. She bucked her hips like she loved being seen. Moaned like she loved being heard. I imagined that I was the blonde and that Rory was the brunette and the fantasy was so palpable I could almost taste her slit\’strong with salt and musk like something animal. Then I imagined Rory was the blonde and that I was the brunette. That I was filling her whole mouth with my cream.

Rory crossed and re-crossed her legs and then her attention drifted to the corner where a man was greasing another’s crack, slipping in first one finger, then two, three¦and while his hole was being stretched wider and wider, the man getting fucked stifled his moans by jamming a third man’s cock in his mouth. I wondered if the threesome was making Rory as wet as it was making me, but I couldn’t tell at all\’her face was a perfectly composed blank. Her scarlet lipstick, unlike mine, still smooth and glossy like ice. Her black eyeliner, unlike mine, still holding its firm thin lines.
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Nick walked by and headed down the hall to the bathroom. Was he going to hide in there and try to catch Rory in the act? Hoping so, I squirmed in my seat. Rory ignored him as he passed and instead her gaze, with mine in hot pursuit, flicked to the TV. It had a massive screen, which dominated most of one wall, and it was playing one of Nick’s porn movies. I wasn’t sure if I’d seen this one at a previous party or not, as all his movies had a similar look and theme. He liked to see women with fake titties and bleached hair and he liked to see them beg for the dubious privilege of blowing some jackass.

“Please, the porn bitch pleaded. “I’ll do anything if you just let me suck you¦

After about twenty minutes Nick came back from down the hall. Maybe he gave up waiting for Rory, I thought. She was still sitting on the sofa, untouchable in her full-body cat suit that was zipped up to her collarbone. And yes, she was still watching everyone else fuck. Now her attention was directed to the straight couple on the rug\’to the woman straddled over the man’s face. Her mouth stuffed with his cock. His fingers jamming into her hole each time he flicked his tongue across her clit. For a split second Rory’s lips parted. Then she pursed them hard and stood up. My stomach flipped, hoping that she would swing her gorgeous hips my way. But no, as always she went down the hall to the bathroom.

As soon as she was gone Nick disappeared into the other party rooms and came back with the rest of the guests trailing after him. He had a smirk on his face, a boner between his legs and the remote control in his hand.

He hit stop and the porn bitch, with cum sprayed all over her face, vanished. He hit a few more buttons and the whole screen\’almost the entire wall\’filled with Rory. She was leaning against the bathroom door with her cat suit unzipped all the way to her crotch, her tits spilling out.

“Boys and girls, Nick announced, undoing his fly. “This is live.

On the screen Rory squeezed her jugs\’a porn move, a “somebody is watching move\’yet there was something different about the way she did it. I tilted my head, trying to identify what exactly it was that was so unusual and then finally it came to me. Rory was neither looking into the camera nor avoiding it. She wasn’t trying to show us her best angle or trying to arrange a sexy fuck face for our viewing pleasure. This is totally genuine, totally unselfconscious, I concluded, breaking into a wide grin. She has no idea she’s being filmed.

Rory pressed her hand against her cunt and humped the whole thing\’palm and fingers. That’s what dogs look like when they fuck, I thought, and then I realized, that without intending to, I’d also begun to diddle myself. But then I looked around the room and noticed that I wasn’t alone. Everyone at the party\’about fifty men and women in total\’had stopped screwing each other and now, with their eyes fixed to the screen, they were jerking themselves off.

Yes, Nick had come up with a scheme greater than I had ever hoped for and certainly greater than I had ever thought him capable of. Yes, I particularly liked how the men were milking their cocks\’just yanking at them as if they were going to pull them right off.

Rory plunged into her hole and then with her newly juicy finger she pressed ever smaller, harder circles into her clit. Her breathing went ragged and her hips stopped bucking until they were still like coils are still. Still but with a contracted force behind them that is sure to burst out\’just a question of when. Nick, however, burst first. He grunted, then his seed shot out and even sprayed my thigh. Fucker, I would normally have thought, not having wanted anything to do with his jizm. But I was so close to coming myself that I almost liked how it felt, how it felt dripping down my leg.

One guest and then another and another followed Nick’s lead\’the exhibitionists screaming louder than porn bitches; the men squirting everywhere. I imagined their jizm spewing all over Rory\’all over her cat suit and her exposed tits and all over her wriggling finger. And I buckled then, jerking hard against my own hand. My hand on my cunt\’slick, swollen and feverishly hot. Rory’s hand on Rory’s cunt. My hand on Rory’s. Rory’s hand on mine. Yes, I saw all of these combinations as I came, as Rory came.

Rory zipped up her cat suit and washed her hands with soap. Then she turned out the light and left the bathroom.

On his remote control, Nick pressed stop and rewind, making Rory’s orgasm undo itself. Jerk in reverse while (in real time) Rory’s heels clicked down the hall, coming toward us. And, yes, just as she breezed in the room, Nick pressed play.


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