BOUND, by Erynn Louviaite (Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica Runner-up)

Good Vibrations is pleased to have had the opportunity to co-sponsor Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica contest. Entwined Erotica features a story begun by one erotic author which is then concluded by several other noted erotica writers, giving the reader a choice of many happy endings. The May 2013 contest gave fans of the project the opportunity to writer their very own conclusions to EE’s Volume One, Unbound. We published the winning story, “Airport Bathroom” by MsRobin, last month; this week we feature the runners-up. Thanks again to Coliloquy for the chance to participate in this fun and steamy project! — Carol Queen

BOUND, by Erynn Louviaite

I am going back to Ireland.

Suddenly the notion is frightening again, but it’s too late. The distance had made me bold, but I fear that I may have left my bravery and resolve to have sex with Patrick behind in New York. Sex with Patrick… and his wife.

His wife, the lovely Meg. How am I supposed to face her after sleeping with her husband? Before I could change my mind again, I pull out my Blackberry with shaking hands to e-mail Patrick. I inform him that I will be getting a hotel room and ask if he and his wife will join me for dinner. It’s a small step and a compromise, which I know Patrick will accept. Staying at their home is a concept too overwhelming… for now.

Cork International rises up to meet us far sooner than I expect and the taxi ride to my hotel is a blur. My Blackberry – now a terrifying device – has been buzzing relentlessly. With a deep breath, I fish it out. I find exactly what I anticipated: a reply from Patrick.

After far too much time spent choosing undergarments and more outfit changes than I can count, it is a miracle that I arrive on time at the restaurant specified by Patrick. Instinctively I tuck back a loose tendril of hair when I glance at my reflection in the tinted door of the upscale restaurant.

I scan the room for my dinner companions and spot Patrick’s smile from across the room. The subtle, but adorable wave he uses to get my attention sets loose butterflies in my stomach. The more-than-lovely Meg turns around and greets me with a friendly smile. All I can do is plaster a slightly confused, awkward grin on my face and command my shaking legs to carry me through a maze of tables.

“Nice to meet you.” Meg says after we’ve been introduced. Her plump lips mold the words then close into a smile. I quickly return the sentiment.

Patrick eagerly fills the silence and suddenly the tension evaporates. We talk through dinner like old friends and when we’ve finished, I’m invited back to their home. I had been preparing myself for this part all evening but before I can overthink it, I accept.

“I looked up some of your books after Patrick told me about you,” Meg informs me once we’ve all settled into the living room with glasses of wine.

“Oh” is all I can think to say while contemplating why she didn’t bring this up at dinner.

“Do you write from personal experience?”

“Not particularly… no… not really.” Suddenly nervousness has taken over my vocal cords.

“So is your personal experience more or less exciting?”

“I umm…” Before continuing my rambling, I take a deep breath.

“Less exciting, unfortunately.”

“That’s what we thought,” she replies, smiling at Patrick. “Maybe we can help?”

“I’m always open to suggestions.”

“Good. Finish your wine.” The shift in her demeanor is disorienting, but I do as I’m told. At least I’ll have a story to tell after this. That or I’ve made the worst decision of my life. My brain jumps to the latter conclusion when Patrick slips a blindfold over my eyes.

“Relax. This will be fun,” he coos into my ear before giving it a light nip. Muscles deep in my core clench at this welcomed touch.

“I don’t know about this,” I tell them when something is slipped onto each wrist and ankle, but Patrick calms me as he slides my clothes off my body. I want him so terribly bad. My legs are coaxed farther apart while Patrick holds my wrists, kissing them gently. I panic when he tugs me forward onto a bed and I realize my legs are restrained. His hand holds both my wrists firmly as he strokes my hair.

“I think we can be good friends once we get this next part out of the way,” Meg says behind me.

“This was a bad idea. I’m sorry. I don’t want to do this anymore,” I plead.

“It will all be worth it later.” I want to believe Patrick is right, but I think the scream escapes my lips at the sound of the whip before it even makes contact.

“Whoa enough of that. I did not consent to this,” but I quiet as Patrick massages the sting away, leaning over my prone upper body. I relish the closeness.


I let out a small whimper, but no more. I slept with this woman’s husband and I desperately want to do it again. If this is what it takes… But my attitude changes quickly and I beg her to stop after a few more. To my surprise, she does. I shiver as her hair brushes the back of my leg when she bends to release me.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” she asks sweetly, massaging my backside then trailing her delicate fingers to the steamy, damp place between my thighs. I tense. Never has a woman touched me so intimately. “Feels like it wasn’t bad at all.”

Firm hands position me on the bed, flat on my back and a turgid shaft is soon sliding along my slick slit. Meg’s mouth finds my neck and trails down, tugging hard at my skin and then my breasts. I swallow back a moan until Patrick impales me in one swift motion.

This is what I’ve been wanting.

He pounds into me with an aggressive urgency and I raise my hips to meet his. My moans are stifled by the soft folds of a woman. I’ve always thought that sooner or later it’s time to shuck off inhibitions and dive in… which is exactly what I do. Her moans replace mine, which seems to spur on Patrick. I can hardly take it anymore when he buries himself deep and stills. His pulsing member triggers an intense sensation that grips my entire body and I scream into the dripping quim above me.

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    Forbidden fruit tastes sweeter.
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