Circle life

My kid informed me last night via phone that my “life is closed.” We were discussing my plans to take down (finally. After a three and a half years) a picture that my Ex had made for me representing the four of us (me, her, her kid and my kid) as a single unit. It’s a great picture and my kid likes it — which, in part, accounts for the delay in it’s removal post-break-up — but it says “Mi familia” which we obviously are not so I’m replacing it with the new fancy 10×13 pic of me and my two girls all dressed up looking about as close to God-fearin’, fly-over America as you can get… if you allow for the fact that:

1) my hair is not as big as it should be,
2) I’m wearing far too little make-up and
3) my babies obviously originated from two “different daddies”… Actually, scratch that last one. By New Mexico standards DD’s are pretty much par for the course.

Anyway. New picture goes up, old picture comes down and I’m having a discussion with my big kid about it all and she says, “Yeah, probably time to take that picture down. I don’t think she was the right girl for you.” Which is interesting/surprising on all sorts of levels but since I’m trying to be the adult in this relationship and since I’m TRYING not to take my dating advice from an eight year old, I simply say “Hmm. Really?”

Then the Boo says: “Besides, now you have Sparkle [her newly adopted kid sister]. We’re all done.” “Done?” I inquire. “Yeah, we’re closed. Like a circle. We don’t need anyone else.” Which, when you think about it is kind of sad while at the same time kind of sweet¦.

Good Vibrations

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