Church, Sluts & Pubic Hair: Mother/Daughter Advice for EVERYONE

Review by SEX EDUCATOR and writer Shar Rednour

I am reviewing that marvelous new book: What Everyone Wants to Know About Sex But is Too Embarrassed To Ask by Susie and Aretha Bright.

Whoops. What’s the title again? Mother/Daughter Sex Advice by Susie & Aretha Bright? But it’s for the masses!

Here’s some of the questions from young women the Bright Team take on:

“I’ve Been Faking it All The Time”
“He Goes Limp At The Thought Of Intercourse”
“Too Fat For Sex? Or Too Crazy?”
“How Can I Get My Girlfriend to Shave Her Pubic Hair?”

From worries about fucking your Ex to libido-killing anti-depression drugs, Mommy Susie and Daughter Aretha answer it all–with hilarious banter the whole way through. Church going couples with one freaky partner? It’s in there. Wondering if your favorite sex position bores your partner? It’s ALL in there. Whether you have your own questions or you want help advising your pals at happy hour–this book is your indispensable how-to.

REVIEW By Shar Rednour, MOMMY

Parents take note! I am so happy to review They Get Real (so you don’t have to) Sex Advice Book.
OR wait, it’s called: I-would-choke-on-my-own-vomit-before-I-could-say-this-to-my ___mother or ___ daughter. (CHECK ONE PLEASE).

Reality is that most of us, sexually articulate included, get stuck in the headlights when it comes to hearing REAL sexual worries that our loved-ones have. What’s better than having a book do it for you? This can be your foundation and then you can decide where to go after that depending on how much infomation is Too Much Information.

Not only do you get helpful advice, but you get two sets of advice. Susie and Aretha do not always agree and they include their arguments right in the answers making it easy for you and your daughter to go, “See there! She’s on MY side.”

Just send it to your daughter’s kindle without asking. Or leave your computer awake on the kitchen table with the book open and ready to read. Whoops. Do it Mom. She will be a more informed, empowered Diva all because of you!

Shar Rednour

As An Author and Editor Shar Rednour birthed The Femme’s Guide to the Universe on Alyson Press in 2001 and has recently updated it with all the latest dating advice. Available July 15th. Follow Shar on FB or Twitter to know the latest! You can also find Shar doing her show Love, Life & Sex on

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