Christmas Dinner Surprise Pt. 1

It was snowing outside.  They were thick, wet flakes, the kind that looked beautiful but was heavy and difficult to shovel the next morning.  She looked out the window and smiled; since the snow was new it was still white and not dirtied by traffic.  She shook her head to bring herself back to the moment.  He would be home any minute!

Quickly she plugged in the Christmas tree to cast a romantic glow over the room.  The candles on the table were lit; unscented, so they wouldn’t mess up the flavor of the meal.  The wine was poured; glasses at the head of the table.  Stripping quickly she looked at the clock and knew it was getting close to time.

Using tray tables she brought the food over and set them next to the dinner table.  Naked, she crawled up onto the table and lay down on her back.  Carefully reaching over she started grabbing the sushi.  Carefully setting pieces all over her body, she was glad that they tended to be sticky; otherwise they wouldn’t stick on her skin.  Chop sticks lay between her thighs resting against her mons.

Across each thigh a large leaf lay between the sushi and her skin; she had wanted this to be sensual and beautiful so she made sure color was part of it.  The sushi circled her belly button and went up towards her breasts in two softly arching lines.  Between her breasts lay asparagus; his favorite vegetable.  Raspberries and blackberries covered her breasts with shaped sugar pieces balancing delicately on each nipple.

She had each piece of food placed, somehow without spilling.  She would never be able to explain how she did it.  “Very carefully was the only descriptor she could manage.  She unfortunately did have a blackberry roll off her breast when the door opened and he walked in.

The door opened then closed as he came in from work and she heard a soft exclamation as he saw the low lighting.  “What¦ he said softly.  His eyes adjusted as he removed his shoes and set his briefcase on the floor.  He padded towards the dining room and stopped as he saw what waited for him on the table.  He licked his lips as he silently took it all in.

“Wow¦ he breathed out as he walked towards her.  He could tell she was trying so hard not to move; she was breathing so slowly so as not to dislodge the food so carefully placed all over her naked body.  He couldn’t help himself as he grinned and grabbed their digital camera; snapping a few pictures from different angles.  “What is this for? he asked, curious.  While she was spontaneous and had a romantic streak, this was something else altogether.

She smiled and spoke softly, “the snow made me feel romantic, so I wanted to do something special.  We almost never get time alone during the winter holidays.”

Smiling he set the camera down the settled in to eat.  Feeling frisky he picked up the chopsticks from between her legs making sure to brush the insides of her thighs as well as the delicate outside of her pussy.  He chuckled when she inhaled sharply and watched a raspberry roll off her breast and plop onto the floor.

This was far more sushi than he’d be able to eat in one sitting.  He worked his way up her left thigh and was able to polish off the asparagus and the rest of the sushi on her left side.  Standing up he stretched.  “Stay put he said as he plucked a sugar cube off her right breast, making sure to pinch her nipple while he did it.  Her fingers grasped the table as two more blackberries rolled and plopped onto the floor.  Chuckling at the face she was making at him he slowly stored the rest of the delicious sushi.

Once he picked the last piece of fruit off of her, removed the leaves and had all the sushi properly stored in the fridge she started to get off the table.  “Ohh wait now! he said, smiling mischievously.  He gently put a hand on her chest and laid her back down on the table.  “Just where do you think you’re going? he asked as his other hand moved towards her pussy.  Two fingers started to slowly slip inside her.  “I think I have some payback to give, no?

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