Change Is On The Horizon (Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica Runner-up)

Good Vibrations is pleased to have had the opportunity to co-sponsor Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica contest. Entwined Erotica features a story begun by one erotic author which is then concluded by several other noted erotica writers, giving the reader a choice of many happy endings. The May 2013 contest gave fans of the project the opportunity to writer their very own conclusions to EE’s Volume One, Unbound. We published the winning story, “Airport Bathroom” by MsRobin, last month; this week we feature the runners-up. Thanks again to Coliloquy for the chance to participate in this fun and steamy project! — Carol Queen

Change Is On The Horizon, by Olivia

That one email from Patrick, that one moment of clarity when I realized this was exactly the sexual chance of a lifetime I was looking for; it changed everything.

I listened again to the message from Drew and I noticed that I could hear planes in the background.  Maybe he had said “hell with it” after all and showed up anyway, so I texted him to come pick me up.  By the time I claimed my bag and I got to the sidewalk, Drew was waiting for me at the curb in his pickup truck.  He later admitted he was in the cell phone lot waiting, just in case.   Drew had a grin from ear to ear on his face and a Texas sized hard-on in his pants.  I guess he had missed me while I was gone.  When I got in the truck, he pulled me in close, let his hand brush against my hard nipple and he gently pushed my hand down to feel his engorged penis.  Drew was a consummate southern gentleman so this was totally out of character for him.  I took this as a sign that change was on my horizon.

On our drive back to the city, I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off of Drew.  I unzipped his pants and started jerking him off while he was driving.  When we’d get to a stoplight I’d bend over and suck his cock until the light turned green.  By the time we got to my apartment, we were both about to burst.  We parked the car, ran upstairs, ripped each other’s clothes off and we fucked so hard that the bed knocked against the wall.  The neighbors must have gotten tired of hearing Drew yell “YEEEEHAW” with his deep drawl after every time he’d make me cum because they knocked on their ceiling with a broomstick from their bedroom below and told us to “shut the fuck up y’all”.

When I woke up the next morning, Drew was laying on his side watching me with his head in his hand and a questioning albeit horny look on his face.

“Charity, honey, I’m glad you’re home.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“You know, we’ve been dating for four months and I’ve been waiting patiently to fuck your brains out, but honestly, I was going to give you one more month and then I was moving on.  I guess you really missed me while you were gone.”

My face went bright red from guilt and Drew’s face grew ever more inquisitive.  He raised one eyebrow and asked, “Who is Patrick?”

I stammered back “Who who who is Patrick?”

“Yeah babe, last night you were talking in your sleep.  I thought I had totally satisfied you, but when I looked over, you were rubbing your clit and mumbling something about Patrick and Meg.”

I knew that this was my chance.  This was my opportunity to shuck off those inhibitions and tell Drew about the proposal from Patrick and Meg.  The proposal that I was going to take.  But my inner voice was screaming at me, are you fucking crazy Charity?  Drew is your prince charming, why would you want to do anything to screw that up?

Suddenly I heard myself blurt out, “Patrick is a man I met in Ireland and he wants me to come live with him and his wife as their lover and I want you to come with me.”

It must have come out more appealing than I heard it in my head because Drew leaned over and gave me a deep, passionate, tongue filled kiss.  When he finally pulled back he just smiled and said “yes”.

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  1. great to have a lover like Charity, no need to take Viagra
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