CeeCee and Molly on First-time Toys, Anal Sex, and Lube

Ask the Good Vibrations Call Center Girls; CeeCee & Molly

Hi! I’m CeeCee! And I’m Molly! We’re your friendly Call Center girls! Welcome to the first installment of our new advice column. We spend eight hours a day taking your calls and emails and answering all your burning sex toy, book and video questions. We’ve heard it all and now we’re offering up a column where you can ask us all those things you’ve always been curious about but were afraid to ask! So go right ahead, ask us anything!

For our first column we’re going to answer the most often asked questions we hear on the 1-800-BUY-VIBE line…

Welcome to Good Vibrations, how can we help you?

Q: My friend gave me your catalog. I’ve never purchased anything like this before! What should I get?

A: We’re so glad you asked! There are so many options that it’s hard to know where to start. You should definitely check out the Smoothie Vibe. It’s a great first timer vibe. It’s battery operated and provides a nice strong vibe that can be used for internal and external stimulation. A lot of people find love having the option for both. It’s a smooth hard plastic so it cleans up easily and can be tucked away in your sock drawer. If you’re looking for a little more variation definitely check out the Turbo Bullet Kit. You get two different styles of vibes (a Turbo Glider and a Magic Touch Mini Bullet) plus lube, an Itty Bitty Bunny Sleeve and batteries. It’s a sweet deal and a great place to start!

Q: What’s the most popular vibrator?

A: That’s an excellent question! Lots of people make successful purchases by selecting the most popular item. Currently the Hitachi Magic Wand (bestseller for over 27 years!) and the famous Rabbit Pearl are our customers’ favorite picks. The Wand is the Cadillac of vibrators and you won’t find a stronger vibe out there. Pair it with a G Spotter attachment and you’ll be set for powerful vibrations both internally and externally! The Rabbit Pearl is our classic Japanese gem that offers amazing internal stimulation (you can change the angle of the shaft for more intense internal stimulation) And that bunny… woo boy!

Q: I’ve heard so much about anal play! Is it painful? What can you tell me about that?

A: We’re glad you asked! The anus, richly endowed with nerve endings and for men prostate stimulation can really take an orgasm to the next level. Lots of people love to use anal plugs and vibes during sex play. We recommend Finger Cots and the Little Flirt for starting your exploration. You can use your fingers and the cute and compact anal plug to begin with and then work your way up. A lot of people find that adding vibration to a butt plug helps relax the area and provides extra sensation. The P Marks the Spot Kit and the Spiral Plug both have little vibes that fit inside. Silicone toys are the best for anal play as they are non-porous and clean up easily. Don’t forget to use a nice thick gel lube or silicone based lube for anal play. The anus doesn’t provide it’s own lubrication so definitely help it out and slick it up!

Q: I want to try something new with my partner but I’m not sure what to get her/him?

A: This is a really tough question! It’s kind of like asking us to pick his/her favorite ice cream flavor! Gift certificates are a great place to start. Grab a catalog and pore over it together. Talk about your fantasies and what you’d love to see happen. We always recommend communicating with your partner, however, if you’re raring to go explore our great kits. We have a lot of great kits that combine toys and videos and toys and books. Looking to spice things up how about Nina’s Kit for Couples or the adorable Position a Day Kit. Our Tools of the Trade Kit and Sit n Spin Kit are guaranteed to pique your partner’s interest. Looking to become experts in your field? Try the Ultimate Guide Kit and our Tricks Kit; they’re a wealth of education and hot stories for the both of you! If you just need a relaxing evening to de-stress and reconnect with your partner sit down with the Erotic Massage Kit and watch a steamy video for some great ideas you can put into practice right away.

Q: I need lube? What for?

A: You’ll hear us say “wetter is better” all day in the call center. Using lube with sex toys, and sex in general, is just so much more pleasurable! It helps the insertion of your toy, finger or other fun object slip right in. We carry a variety lubes so you’re sure to find one you like the best. A great item to check out is the Lube Sampler Pack. It has all kinds of different lubes so you can test drive them or slip them in your over night bag. They make great travel companions. We carry two great creamy lubes with a lotion-y texture that’s similar to natural personal lubrication called GV Slip Inside and Liquid Silk. Our customers rave about its long lasting and flavorless features. If you like something a little more heavy duty, thicker or something great for anal play we recommend the GV Slip Inside Gel or Maximus. Both these lubes are bestsellers and their water-based formulas clean up like a dream and silky smooth. If you like to play in the shower, check out Wet Platinum or Eros. These silicone based lubes are perfect for play in the bathtub or hot tub. It cleans up with mild soap but lasts a long time under water!

We’re looking forward to all your questions so go ahead and write us at advice@goodvibes.com. Until next time,
CeeCee & Molly

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