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Sexy Sex, Newsy News: Is Jada a Sex Addict?

At the heart of our critique: concern about the notion that there’s such a thing as definitively normal sex (there isn’t), and the belief that shame around sex (masturbation, porn, desiring sexual variety, etc.) is often the reason people feel distressed about their sexual experience. Unhealthy behavior does exist, and compulsion can be one version of it. Some people do need help. But that help can come without embracing the notion of sex addiction, and it can be sex-positive.

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Sexy Sex, Newsy News: Porn, Guns & Teens Edition

[T]he people who want to do away with porn would mostly also be glad to do away with sex education itself. They don’t even support the half-assed sex ed that kids are turning to porn to supplement. Young people watch porn because school-based sex ed gives them no life skills that actually help them learn about sex…

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2017 Annual Good Vibrations Sex & News Recap: A Rollercoaster of Sexy Sex, Newsy News

What does health policy have to do with sex? Everything from birth control to HIV prevention and treatment to access to medial care if you leave your cock ring on too long, that’s what. There are a jillion ways sexuality intersects with medicine; … the more people who lose access to affordable health care, the more sexual sequelae there will be to common and uncommon ailments.