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The Struggle for Sex Positivity at Sex Week

The scene when I arrived on campus Tuesday night was familiar: student volunteers scurried around preparing for that night’s lecture, “Sexploration: Boys, Girls, I Can’t Help It,” by Megan Andelloux. They wore navy blue and turquoise t-shirts that read “UT Sex Week: Let’s Talk About It” in pink and white lettering. Several hundred students attended Megan’s talk about the fluid nature of sexual attraction and orientation, eagerly asking questions and sharing comments throughout it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that those who attended were open and ready to discuss some tough topics.

Why Sex Week Matters

Sex Week at UT (March 2-7, 2014) features talks by sex educators like me, Megan Andelloux , Reid Mihalko , and dozens of others speaking on subjects ranging from sexual health, gender theory, and hook-up culture to communication, consent, orgasms, and abstinence. UT Sex Week also features a poetry slam, an art show, and various lectures on the intersection of sexuality with history, culture, religion, law, and public policy.