Carlos Batts, Artist, Filmmaker, Friend, Passes

Good Vibrations is deeply saddened by the passing of Carlos Batts, adult photographer and filmmaker. He was 40 years old and is survived by his wife and muse April Flores, and will be deeply missed.  “I’m still trying to process what happened,” Flores told XBIZ. “He was my partner in everything. We all can’t believe it. It was so sudden.”

Batts worked with Good Vibrations on various film, product, and book projects and promotions, and is remembered for his passion as an artist who challenged and transformed the adult industry’s beauty standards with the work he created with April Flores, known for her voluptuous physique and generous heart.


Batts offered an exciting alternative to the dominant porn aesthetic, and brought his experience as a rock and roll photographer to his erotic filmmaking. The result was beautifully stylized, fun and clever sexy cinema that communicated his love of April Flores with the world.  Good Vibrations’ film production company, Good Releasing, produced three films with Batts and Flores, including Behind the Red Door, Glamazons, and Dangerous Curves.

In a recent interview with The Rumpus, Batts shared his artistic and personal philosophy, “Art is the strongest form of activism. Art encompasses everything. It encompasses the queer movement, fat activism, racism, all the “isms”—that’s our job. We’re not supposed to be total consumers…even though I want to be rich and have a million dollar boat, but my motivation is to cross boundaries and create a dialogue, and that’s what I’ve done it for since I was a kid.”

April Flores said of their connection, “It felt like destiny and it felt like we had a message and a vision to mix art and sexuality.”

Batts’ artistic legacy includes ten adult films, the erotic coffee table books, “Wild Skin” and “Crazy Sexy Hollywood,” and a collaborative photo project with Flores called “Fat Girl” that was recently featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA.  Batts and Flores were in the midst of several new projects, including a travelogue-style show.

Good Vibrations Executive Vice President Jackie Strano says, “We hold his memories in our hearts and send so much love and comfort to April for her unbearable loss. We are here as her extended community and family and hold her close in our thoughts and prayers.”

Coyote Days, Senior Buyer for Good Vibrations and Good Releasing Content Coordinator said, “Working with April & Carlos was inspiring & not solely because of their vision of a diverse erotic world. Their work was a living memoir of their love. Carlos will be missed by us all, and our heart goes out to April.”

Carol Queen, Good Vibrations’ Staff Sexologist added, “Carlos Batts and April Flores were legendary lovers — they mixed their love and life together with their creative, cultural, and social passions, and the result was a partnership that helped move the world in a more sex-positive, body-positive, diverse and erotic direction. Carlos knew how powerful his connection with his beautiful muse April was, and how deeply it could affect his art. He is gone far too soon and we will miss him terribly.”

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