Canadian MTF = HOT!

So, I watched some Canadian Tranny Pornography film last night and I must say there are some REALLY beautiful Male to Female mostly pre-op transexuals out there in the land of the friendly Mounties. One lady in particular made me seriously consider renouncing mine homeland for good. I mean they’re already treating us gay types more fairly, the air is cleaner, the politics seem less ska-rewed, now they have ta throw in some really quite beautiful MTF peoples???! I mean, seriously, on some level that’s just overkill. The girl I liked most was doing all her trash talk in French too. Very cute. BUT the thing is, the reason I even bring this up is because I’m wondering about the audience for this particular movie. I mean they had Boys doing the Girls; they had them doing each other (and the Boys) and they even had them (Transexual actors) doing Bio-Chicks — which would all make me think that the target is MEN – heterosexual ones with perhaps a bent leaning or two – but there was also this stab at sweetness and “plot-development” throughtout the movie that smacks of Girly-oriented/audience-films so I wonder.

I mean, the actors were being really sweet to each other. I know it sounds weird but there was this one scene where one of the MTF actors was quite clearly over being sawed in half by her current partner’s ENORMOUS member so she sort of wiggles away and leaves. She just heads out of the scene! Then the guy she was with (somewhat surprised) jumps up and goes after her and sort of catches her and throws her onto a bed (they were being all smiley about it but it was obviously unscripted and she obviously was still not into him just then) and they’re sort of rolling around but then she looks at him really seriously “not-in-the-mood!” and sudden cut to the next scene where he’s with some Bio-Chick who he’s pumping away at and our heroine is kind of sitting in a chair off to the side just watching. Interesting. Not to say that people in the porn industry don’t treat each other very well/considerately, I’ve just never seen it in a film before. Anyway, I’m probably jumping to a huge stereotypical generalization by assuming that just because they were sweet to each other (that wasn’t the only part either. There was another couple who seemed very much in like with each other the female part of whom was being handled VERY gently — albeit in a “hands behind the back” kind of way by her partner.) the movie may have been trying to give the ole nod to it’s girl viewers and their “feelings” but… It was just interesting is all.

Before the movie watching there was also a “date” with some chick that happened which was painful at best and really not worth dwelling on right this second — suffice to say this person thought my having kids was “awesome!” which is true but for someone to announce something like that (who doesn’t have kids of her own) pretty much before being offered any evidence whatsoever of their respective fabulousness… well, it just smacks of pandering and I will not be pandered to! Plus, she wasn’t all that appealing to me in terms of cuteness. (It does kind of go without saying that had my currently wanting nothing to do with me Green-eyed-girl-crush said the exact same thing I would have not only fallen more instantly in love, I would have marveled at her incredible insight. Ah me. Interesting that the lack of a cute smile can so color an experience but whattaya gonna do??)


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