Can I Get My Bike Back Now? A Review of Billy Castro Does the Mission

Billy Castro does the Mission is the latest releasing from Reel Queer Productions/ Good Releasing. The plot has its star Billy running up and down the mission searching for a bike thief played by Dylan Ryan.  It starts with a hot workout that ends with an impassioned solo jerk off. The film show cases the talented actors in the SF queer scene but also gives us a glimpse of Courtney Troubles’ directing skills. We get varied camera angles against a colorful back drop and beautiful shots of city life in San Francisco. The film switches from black and white to color at certain moments of sexual escalation.  There are great location choices as Billy makes his way through the Mission. We see him in a hot tub, fucking in a U-haul right in front of the LEX then  playing wii and wrestling Jiz Lee.

Trouble gives us intimate shots of the couples that are very engaging and you get a real feel for the chemistry between the actors.  There is a really cute, sexy, playful dynamic between Dylan and Billy as Dylan plays the role of power bottom.  I always enjoy films more when it’s evident that the actors are REALLY enjoying their time together and not just acting. That’s something that a lot of directors and actors forget, how important chemistry is to the enjoyment of the viewer.

There are gestures as simple as eye contact or other visual cues that happen naturally when the actors (or people in real life) engage each other during sex that sometimes do not happen in porn. I find that destroys the believability of a work and renders it useless. When you want your lover to know what is working for you and to take something further, you communicate that in so many ways during sex. Some films lack that and that is always disappointing. This film does not lack that or disappoint.  The actors are very much into what each other are enjoying and taking it further.

There are scenes with light choking, enthusiastic slapping, masturbation, fingering, fisting, rimming,  lots of nipple play, female ejaculation, oral, several displays of safer sex practices, wrestling (non-greco-roman if you’re curious), lots of hot make out scenes and of course cute boxers.   A smorgasbord of tattoos detail the skin of the actors who represent a very specific cross section of SF queer.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack. I’ve always hated the sound of crappy, programmed ˜bunh cha ka bow wow’ that accompanies porn. So lazy, so uninspired, it just somehow became the copper standard of music for porn. Of course, in between the 80s and now there have been adjustments to the kind of music played in films. Reel Queer has always been good about keeping the sounds heard relevant to the characters represented in their films. I am grateful that a new cropping of directors has put music to films that suits the demographic of the characters represented in their films.

I must say I don’t get won over very easily but Billy won me over with this one!

This movie is really HOT and so much FUN! Let’s hope for a screening party in the near future.


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