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Call for Participants: Study of Women’s Sexual Response

This turned up in my in-box today. They’re looking for cisgender (I assume) women for a study on sexual response. There’s a fairly long list of criteria, which I figure is meant to avoid confounding variables like the effects of hormonal contraception, health issues that can affect sexual response, and menopause. I suspect that the “more than 110 lbs” bit is to rule out amenorrhea from weight loss, although I know a few women who are short enough that weighing under 110 lbs. isn’t unlikely.¬†You’ll need to be able to go to the Indiana University campus, too.

I also like how they phrased “able to achieve orgasm with masturbation using vibrotactile stimulation”. I think that’s my new favorite term for vibrators. ūüôā

Feel free to pass it along- IU and the Kinsey Institute are doing some great research.

Female volunteers needed for sexuality study

We are recruiting for a study on women’s sexual response. If you¬†meet the initial criteria listed below¬†and are interested in learning more about participating, please contact Kathryn atkarmacap@indiana.edu.

In addition to these criteria, all sessions occur between 5-7:30 PM, M-F at the Sexual Psychophysiology Lab, located in the psychology building at the IU-Bloomington campus. Participants must be able to attend up to 3 sessions over the course of 2 months. Participants are compensated $75 per session.

Please feel free to pass this information on to other women who may be interested!

Study # 06-11649

Healthy female volunteers are invited to participate in a research study examining sexual response in women in a laboratory setting. The anticipated time commitment for participation is approximately 1.5 hours per session for up to 3 sessions.

If you are female, heterosexual, between 23 and 40 years of age, not using hormonal contraceptives, weigh more than 110 lbs., not using medication for depression or anxiety, have not used antibiotics in the last two months, have regular gynecological yearly exams, have not had a vaginal infection or STI in the last year, have never had an abnormal pap smear, have not had a gynecological surgery ever, masturbate regularly, are able to achieve orgasm with masturbation using vibrotactile stimulation, and would be willing not to engage in any sexually arousing activities 24 hours before the test session you may be eligible for this study.

The principal investigator of this study is Julia R. Heiman, Ph.D. The research is conducted at the Indiana University Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Dr. Charlie Glickman

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