By The Light of the Moon

As I have gotten older, I have been increasingly drawn to women. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the right woman: one with whom I shared mutual attraction, as well an interest in exploring bi-sexuality. Lesbian friends I found appealing did not like the fact that I was married; straight friends were just that “ straight. By the time I was in my forties, I had almost given up on being able to explore that facet of my libido ¦Until we met Beth and Doug.


The four of us had met for dinner, and then ended up naked in their pool. Our interest in expanding our sexual horizons beyond what was “normal for long-time married couples had brought us together. Jeff and I joined Beth and Doug that night to explore our potential for an intimate relationship with another couple. The evening had gone well. I found the courage to discuss my sexual fascination with women and to let our hostess know I was charmed by her.

A little wine with dinner loosened our inhibitions. A little sex talk and playing in the pool aroused us all, but not so much that we were ready to switch partners “ or that I knew what to do about my feelings for Beth. She smiled when I told her I liked her, but said nothing. I felt green and awkward “ not typical for me in matters of sex.

After a bit of kissing and caressing “ each other’s partners and our own “ Doug and Beth left the pool. She settled back on a chaise and spread her legs so Doug could go down on her. I assumed the same position on the chaise next to hers so Jeff could do the same for me.

When Beth told Doug she wanted more, he invited us to join them. We barely paused before kneeling on either side of Beth’s lounge chair. I was so entranced by the sight of her “ wet, naked and spread to take in her husband “ that I barely realized Doug was guiding my hand to Beth’s breast. He encouraged Jeff to touch her, too. We stroked and kissed Beth while Doug knelt at the foot of the chair and slowly slid his penis into her.

Finally, I moved my hand to Beth’s stomach. After a moment, I dared to move my hand lower. She had returned some of my earlier caresses “ maybe her light touches were as good as a spoken invitation? I was about to find out.

“I’m new at this. I hope you like it. I knew I sounded insecure, but I had never touched a woman in that way. I felt for her clit, and began to gently stroke in rhythm with Doug. It was an interesting mix of sensations ¦ familiar anatomy, skin shaved smooth like mine, yet unfamiliar flesh.

“Just tell me if you want me to stop. I kept my touch light, the way I liked it, because that’s all I knew. While I satisfied my curiosity about what it would be like to touch a woman sexually, I also discovered how I felt about doing so ¦ I loved it!

“Don’t stop, she sighed. “That’s wonderful. Other than sounds of pleasure, that was the last we heard from her for a while. While Doug was slowly fucking Beth, I was exploring and learning how to please her. I increased the pressure of my fingers, and was thrilled when she moaned and pushed against my hand.

With more confidence, I continued to masturbate Beth, firmly stroking her clit while Doug slid in and out of her. When Beth and Doug shared an explosive orgasm, I almost did, too. I sat back, as breathless as if I had been the one on the pool chair. I was still trying to recover from sensory overload when Beth spoke.

“Jeff, don’t you want Sarah?

“Come. Doug held his hand out to me. “Take Beth’s place. It is your turn now.

Jeff took my other hand and stood to help me up. It was obvious that he was very ready for me to replace Beth. Wet and open, I was eager to take my turn. I settled back while the three of them gathered around me.

Caressing me, Doug spoke to Beth. “Her breasts are pretty, aren’t they?

“Yes, I like them. Beth leaned over me; I spread my arms to welcome them both. As Jeff pushed into me, I gathered them close.

Beth’s touch was gentle. Doug’s was firm. Her kisses were butterfly-soft; his were demanding. Three pairs of hands and two sets of lips roamed my body while Jeff fucked me. Individual touches and kisses melded into pure delight.

I have no coherent memory of the last few minutes of my turn. Just a few “snapshots: hearing Jeff groan with pleasure, biting Doug’s hand, and, as I felt an orgasm begin to build, feeling Beth’s lips on my neck. When I turned my head to kiss her, Doug thrust his tongue in my ear. That did it; the three of them drove me screaming into orgasm.

As soon as we recovered a bit, we hit the pool “ as much to get away from the mosquitoes as to cool off. We ˜husband-swapped’ “ pairing off to lightly kiss, touch, and perhaps begin again.

Moonlight glittered on the water and illuminated Beth’s skin. She was at the pool’s edge, her head resting on the lip, her upper body lightly supported by Jeff’s arm. Her luminous skin was mesmerizing. I wanted to touch her. I moved away from Doug, and glided through the cool water to face Beth.

I wasn’t certain if she would welcome my attention. Despite our activities on the lounge chairs, I knew that she was a bit shy. This move, one that would lead to play just between the two of us, was up to me.

Beth was silent as I approached. Hesitantly, I leaned down to kiss her. It was more question than kiss. She kissed me back; a gentle answer: “Yes. I skimmed my fingertips across her collarbones and down her arms. Both men had gone silent, too, quietly waiting to see what would happen.

“So soft. You are so beautiful and so soft. Jeff always said that women were wonderfully soft, but I had never before been able to touch women the way he did; I hadn’t known.

I continued to caress her, running my fingers down her throat toward her breasts. She arched up out of the water “ another silent “Yes. Jeff supported her back while I caressed her delicate breasts. Her slim body was strong, but the moonlight made her look like a porcelain figure that was almost too fragile to handle. That was how I felt I must touch her: as if a firm grip or careless move would break the tender connection between us. That was how I wanted to touch her.

Jeff lifted Beth higher out of the water. The breeze chilled her wet skin, causing her nipples to harden. I lowered my head. This would be more than touching, but all I could think about was having one of those hard nipples in my mouth. I was a little nervous. She had once told me that she liked being with women ¦ Would she like being with me?

I tasted once, then again. Tentative licks, as if I was deciding whether or not I liked a new flavor of ice cream. I was excited, but nervous, too. I didn’t need to look around to know that both men were riveted in place, watching the two of us.

Beth’s little gasps and moans encouraged me to indulge myself “ to kiss and lick my way down her body. Jeff lifted Beth’s hips out of the water; her spread legs a silent assent. Finally, a woman I desired wanted me! I wanted to continue licking and sucking, but I hesitated, still nervous. I was afraid I wouldn’t be good at cunnilingus (what an awkward word for such a lovely act!), and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it.

When I glanced down, my nervousness vanished. Moonlight played across the folds of her glistening skin; I knew I had to explore the shadows there “ to try to delight her while I indulged in making this long-delayed fantasy of mine come true.

I lowered my mouth to her pussy, desperate to taste what my fingers had explored. Her lips were cold “ the water and the light breeze had cooled them. I warmed her first with little kisses, and then with my tongue. Beth sighed with pleasure, so I continued. I licked inner and outer lips that tasted of water and woman. I slipped my tongue deep inside her and licked up to her clit.

I raised my head for a moment, taking the time to enjoy the way the moonlight gleamed on her body. She was lovely. I lowered my head and placed my mouth over her deeply-hooded clit. Savoring every moment of this new experience, I very slowly sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. I rolled the delicate flesh between my lips, and softly probed her with my tongue. Perhaps it was foolish, but I was extraordinarily pleased when she moaned her approval of my novice attempt to make love to her.

While I pleasured Beth, Doug’s fingers explored between my legs. I knew what he would find “ despite the cool, chlorinated water, I was slippery and hot ¦ Completely aroused by making love to his wife. Doug moaned when he discovered my secret “ I’m not sure what turned him on most: watching me lick his wife, or knowing that doing so turned me on. After the briefest hesitation, he slid two fingers inside me. I shuddered with pleasure, but managed to keep my focus on Beth.

Taking my cue from Doug, I wondered if Beth would enjoy fingers along with tongue. I slid my hand up her thigh and gently stroked her. I searched with a fingertip, seeking entry to her body. I wanted to use a combination of sucking and internal massage to give her an orgasm.

In a fantasy, I would have sucked, licked and fingered Beth until she came in my mouth. Doug would have finger-fucked me until I came “ at the same time Beth did “ and then she and I would have swapped husbands and had wild, swinging sex in the pool. Once back at the house, we would have had girl-sex off and on all night.

What happened was a bit more prosaic. Beth was getting a pain in her neck, and Jeff’s arm was feeling the strain of holding her high enough out of the water so that I could lick her without drowning. While they were trying to get comfortable, I was trying to shift to give Doug’s very talented fingers better access. At the same time, the dog decided to take a flying leap into the pool.

The whole tableau fell apart. My foot slipped and I ended up with a mouthful of water instead of woman. Jeff lost his grip on the edge of the pool, Beth’s head went under, and Doug was scratched when the dog swam to him. We went from erotic to idiotic in the space of a few heartbeats. Laughing and splashing, we hauled ourselves and the dog out of the pool, wrapped ourselves against the night air, and headed back to the house.

After a glass of wine, we decided to call it a night. Beth and Doug had a private conversation while we gathered our things. We kissed Beth goodnight and promised to get in touch soon; Doug walked us to our car.

Doug shook hands with Jeff, and then turned to kiss me good night. “Beth is very happy, you know. She would like to see you again.

“She is? She would? I was surprised at how pleased I was to hear that, and at how joyful and liberated I felt. “I want to see her again, too.

I am now more confident in my ability to please a woman, and I’m looking forward to the next time I meet a woman I desire. Beth was my first, but she will not be my last.


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