Breast Cancer Fund’s Heroes Award & Reception Gala

I was honored to attend the Breast Cancer Fund’s Heroes Award and Reception Gala on April 11th in downtown San Francisco. Good Vibrations’ partnership with Blossom Organics led to the invitation and it was wonderful to attend a function that serves to honor those who are actively making a difference in cancer prevention and education regarding environmental causes and toxins.

Good Vibrations is proud to be carrying Blossom Organics’ products and are happy to share the information around their Safe Ingredients are Sexy campaign. Good Vibrations’ Ecorotic® campaign is in full bloom this month to celebrate Earth Day and to emphasize that it’s important to know more about what you put in your body and not just on your body.


Airial Clark

As of May 2012, I will have completed my Master’s Degree in Human Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University. Prior to attending graduate school, I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2007 with a double major BA in English Literature and Anthropology while raising two young sons as a single parent. At Cal, I was President of the Student Parent Association. I am a regular contributor to the Sex Positive Photo Project of the SF Bay Area and Shades Magazine. I have presented my original research at multiple academic conferences and symposiums. I will be presenting my Master’s Thesis Study at the OpenSF Conference this June. I have trained with Community at Work to be a group facilitator and am fully committed to the participatory process of decision making.

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