Boy can sooooo stay…!

So… who, upon complaining about her cold ad nauseum via e-mail last night got an impromptu visit from a cute, tall boy bearing chicken soup, tissues, some sort of weird German wheat beer and cough lozenges? Me! that’s who. :-]

I got kisses too which was v. nice. And hickeys. I’m a 38 year old woman with hickeys. What’s that about??!
(I can hear the whispering now “ “Oh sure, I guess she can get away with the leggings/sneaker ensemble so long as she’s clutching a bottle of water and a pilates mat but hickeys¦? That’s so early-twenties! What WAS she thinking???)

Then, I had to explain to the baby how exactly it was that her mommy got bit (touching actually. She was very concerned until I explained that sometimes grownups like to bite each other “ with a quick “But they always ask first! follow-up in a feeble attempt to prevent what I know is going to translate into a quick “check-in call from her daycare providers letting me know Spark’s been assaulting her group-mates and wondering if “anything has changed in the home environment?¦ sigh.)

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