Both Married

I’m married and not proud of what I’ve been up to of late but felt the need to share it with you. My wife and I had had a huge fight and I stormed off stopping at the local pub. I knew no one there that night and a young sexy little thing made her way over to me.

She said her name was Veronica and wondered if I’d buy her a drink. I thought why not? I was alone and could do with the company. Well it didn’t take long for one to turn to two, then three and the next thing I knew Veronica was almost sitting in my lap with her tongue in my ear whispering about what she’d like to do to me.

Now I know I should have stopped it but this girl was absolutely gorgeous and to be honest it’s been a long time since anyone has shown any interest in me, especially sexually. She took me out to the car park, said she had a van and it would be more comfortable if we made out in it.

I didn’t even give my wife a thought, I’m embarrassed to say. If she hadn’t been so obliging, so eager to please me it might have given me a moment to change my mind, to remind me of what I was doing. And now here we were in the car park, her hands all over me, whispering in my ear what she wanted me to do to her.

What a girl! Not only was she willing and eager she even brought her own bed. There was a mattress in the back and as I climbed in after her it took her only a few seconds to strip out of her clothing and lay naked before me.

I was throbbing as though about to explode. I tried to shut the door but she insisted I leave it open. She said the thought of someone accidently walking passed and seeing us would turn her on even more.

An exhibitionist to boot.

Who was I to argue?

Her legs were wide open and she began to pleasure herself while I quickly removed all of my clothing. I made to enter her but she had other ideas. Suddenly she wanted to talk. Wanted to know all about me. She’d noticed my wedding ring so while she was playing with herself she asked me all about my wife, how our sex life was and what positions she enjoyed the most.

I said I didn’t want to talk about her but she insisted, said she wanted to watch my mouth as I spoke about it, said talking about other women turned her on so I told her everything she wanted to know and of course I embellished quite a bit about my own sexual prowess.

˜I love a good licking,’ she said, ˜does your wife?’

˜Oh, yeah, boy does she? She loves it, loves my tongue all over her before I hone in on her clit.’

˜Oh, I love that too. I bet you’re really good at it.’

˜Let me show you just how good I am,’ I said boldly. I was ready to burst. We’d been talking for what felt like a half an hour. How much more talking did she want to do? The aroma in the van was making me heady. Her scent was intoxicating.

I kneeled forward between her open thighs. My head bent forward, my tongue reaching out to lick at her nub which I could see was hard and swollen.

˜Oh, wait,’ she whimpered. ˜Just breath on it, I’m about to come.’

I thought it was a bit weird. I mean we’d been in the van now for so long as I watched her masturbating and I was dying for some action but I didn’t want to do anything to upset her so I breathed hotly over her succulent pussy. She gyrated, her hips thrusting upwards; she was nearly at my mouth.

˜Oh, God,’ she screamed. ˜God, that’s so fucking great,’ and with that a gush of her juices spurt forth. ˜Does she come like that too? Does your wife like to come while you’re watching her, while your breath is hot on her, well, does she?’

I was getting a bit pissed off by now, I mean she’d come and now it was my turn. I didn’t want to talk about my wife, about what positions she liked, how big her breasts were or anything else, I just wanted to get laid.

˜Come on,’ I said grabbing at her legs as I tried to maneuver my way in.

˜Wait, wait,’ she said. ˜Let me get up on all fours, doggy style, you’d like that wouldn’t you?’

˜You bet,’ I said thinking finally I was getting what I deserved after all this time.

Her gorgeous butt beckoned me. She wiggled it, asked me to give it a bit of a slap, so I did.

˜Oh, that’s fantastic,’ she squealed. ˜Can you do it again?’

So I did. Again and again.

˜Oh, I’ve been such a bad girl haven’t I?’

I thought I’d play along.

˜Why do you say that?’

˜I’m married too,’ she said staring at me from over her shoulder.

˜Well, I won’t tell if you don’t,’ I laughed.

˜But I will,’ a voice from behind me bellowed.

I turned to see the bulk a man at the door which was now wide open.

˜What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Veronica,’ he said.

˜Oh, baby, I know I’ve been bad but I didn’t really do anything. I’ve just been waiting for you to come and this man has been getting me nice and hot so I’m so ready for you now baby, real ready.’

˜I’ve told you before,’ he said, his voice softening, ˜you’re going to get yourself into some real trouble one day, baby.’


What were these two up to I wondered? She’d set me up, getting naked, not allowing me to touch her, talking about my wife while she masturbated, breathing on her but not touching it. The only thrill I’d gotten out of all this was to see her naked and smack at her butt which incidentally she deserved after putting me through this ordeal.

˜You can leave now,’ her husband said. ˜I’m sorry but Veronica likes to get her rocks off this way and right now I want to get some action of my own.’

With that he bundled up my clothes, pulled me out of the van and dumped my clothes on the concrete of the car park. He slammed the back of the doors and within seconds the van was rocking and rolling. I could hear their voices and the sounds of their lovemaking as I stood there buck naked and it wasn’t until I heard some snickering that I realized there were others about.

Embarrassed I pulled on my clothing and high tailed it out of there. Once home I felt guilty yet pleased that I’d not done anything to jeopardize my own marriage. Much to my wife’s shock I apologized to her and set about wooing her back. Before long we were making love like we used to.

After as we lay together sated from the best sex I think we’ve ever had I realized just how lucky I was and how easily I could have fallen into the same trap so many guys do when their marriage becomes a bit boring and they go out looking for something to take away the boredom.

I’m happy I met Veronica and how that night panned out because I now know how really lucky I am and how much I appreciate my wife.

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