Book Review: “Sins of the Flesh”

Sins of the Flesh is a long, full-story erotic novel that focuses on the idea of the paranormal as a main portion of the storyline. The book is a softcover book, and it has black-and-white pages ont he inside. The book takes about three hours to read from cover-to-cover, and it’s about 275 pages long, and it includes 32 different chapters. The book is written by Devyn Quinn. Instead of being an erotic anthology with different stories, this book includes just one, very long story.

So what’s the plot of this book? To say the least, I was surprised when I found out that the main plot is that the male character of the couple is a vampire. No where on the cover or description does it mention that this is a vampire love story. This made it definitely a surprise when I started reading the book, and it turns out that main character is a male who is a vampire.

Not only is he a vampire, but he’s also a Krynn vampire. The Krynn clan doesn’t actually require killing their victims to sustain life, and instead of needing a lot of blood to survive, Krynn vampires actually require sexual energy. In fact, Krynn vampires basically host large orgies with one another in order and humans in order to sustain life. During sexual intercourse, the vampires also cut a small surface of their “victim’s” skin in order to drink a bit of blood. The mixture of the blood and their “victim’s” orgasm is what the vampire feeds off of.

Devon is the main male character of the book, and he’s a Krynn vampire. The book starts off with Devon continually hosting large orgies and other sex parties at his mansion. Along with the sex parties, Devon also is the manager of a large nightclub chain in town called Mystique. Mystique is the hottest “goth” spot in town, and a lot of people gather there. This is how Devon ends up meeting Rachel who is the main female character of the book.

Rachel is the owner of a locally-owned bookstore. At the beginning of the book, the bookstore goes out of business with the new addition of a mall across town. When Rachel can’t find a job anywhere else in town, she ends up seeking out the Mystique club to get a job. When, at first, they turn her away for being too old, she insists on meeting with the manager of the club, and she finds herself face-to-face with Devon. Devon finds himself attracted to her, and she finds herself amazingly aroused and attracted to Devon as well. Of course, I can’t let you know where the story goes from there without spoiling the ending, but I will tell you that, obviously, their relationship develops as he keeps his secret about being a vampire.

The book is well-written, and the plot is easy to get into. The book itself is pretty easy to stay involved in, and I read the book from start to finish in just one sitting. It starts off a little slow, but it gets much easier to get into as the book goes on. By the time you get into the tenth chapter or so, the book is much more involved.

The entire book is focused on the relationship between Rachel and Devon. The vampire clan is mentioned, but it isn’t a focus of the book although it does add an interesting aspect of the relationship. The relationship does start off slowly, and the two go back and forth throughout the entire book. Their “result” of their relationship doesn’t happen until the very end of the book; I won’t let you know if they get together or not.

So how is the sex? Well, it isn’t too detailed, but it’s definitely there. The book doesn’t go into very specific details, but it doesn’t gloss over the sex, and it does make sure to describe the sex with the romance-type language. The book focuses a lot more on the foreplay than the intercourse itself, and the book does tend to focus quite a bit on the female’s experience of the sex instead of focusing on the male’s experience. Since the two characters don’t start relating until the middle of the book, the book does start off with sex, but it mostly focuses on Rachel’s private experience, and it focuses on Devon’s exploits with other women before Rachel.

Overall, the book is a great read if you enjoy getting into the plot as well as the sex. The Vampire aspect is minor, but it’s there, and the author uses the Krynn clan idea to promote and explain all of the sex included in the book. It includes a lot of good sex, and while the sexual attraction between the two main characters isn’t too believable, it makes for a good, interesting story. You can pick up Sins of the Flesh from Good Vibrations.

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