“Body Rush” Erotica Book Review

Body Rush” is an erotica book published by Aphrodisia Kensington and written by Anne Rainey. The book is about 310 pages long, and it’s divided into three different stories that are interconnected. The book is an erotic novel, so all of the three stories have a plot as well as have the hot sex. This book can be purchased at Good Vibes.

This book is split into three parts. Each part is about 100 pages long (with the first two being longer and the last one being shorter), and the book follows three seperate women through their three seperate stories. The women, who are friends, make a bet to see who can fulfill their fantasies first.

Each part is about a different, interconnecting story with the women. Each part then features about two long, drang-out sex scenes with a couple smaller ones. This leads to about six huge sex scenes throughout the book with some smaller ones thrown in. The sex is always hot, and the men spend a lot of time pleasuring the women. There are mentions of anal and vaginal sex, and there is group and kinky sex in this book as well. The sex is nice and varied, and I love how the author writes the story to really make the sex sessions very passionate between the characters.

The first story is about a secretary who longs to have a night of anonymous sex with a man. When her best friend invites her to go to a club named “Kinks”, she goes happily, and when she’s there, she meets a group of guys who are more than willing to keep their leather masks on in order to fulfill her wish. However, there’s a huge twist in this one, but all the hot sex makes everything work out in the end.

The second story is about a psychologist who works from home, and her computer keeps going on the fritz. After continual calls to the computer replace place, the owner decides to come out and see what the problem is – oops! It looks like porn has put spyware on her computer. It’s a good thing the two characters find themselves attracted to one another, but what will happen when he finds out about the bet?

The third story has the least storyline of them all. In fact, it’s only about 20 pages of storyline and about 50 pages of sex, so this is a very sex-filled story. This woman owns a coffeeshop, and she’s found herself longing after this motorcycle-driving guy who has come in every day. Good thing he decides to hit on her one morning. This one leads to some kinky sex and food play.

The book, overall, is a pretty darn good book, and it has some great erotica in it. However, you can definitely tell that the same author wrote all three of the sections, and that can be slightly annoying at times. Why? Because the male characters seem to be virtually carbon copies of one another. While this doesn’t matter too much in the scheme of things (which is just getting some hot erotica to read!), from a literary perspective, it did bother me a bit.

For one, all of the guys seem pretty incapable of using the women’s names during sex. For some reason, all of them call the women “baby” or “sweetheart” throughout the sex scenes. They say things like “Show me your tits, sweetheart”, and personally, I’m not much one for pet names – especially if all three men happen to use the exact same petnames. Another aspect that did bother me is that all three women had no confidence in themselves, and it wasn’t until the men started to assure them that they were beautiful that they really started to believe it. I know this is a typical storyline for an erotic novel, though, so I understand that part.

The other annoyance is that all of the men seemed to follow the same attraction pattern. First, they’d see the woman and they’d be instantly in love. It wouldn’t be just lust, but they’d find themselves non-stop thinking about having sex, and the book would always talk about how jealous and angry the men would be if anyone else touched their woman; and this is right after they met. It personally made the “love” aspect of each one of the stories very unbelievable to me, but again, the book was really meant for the sex.

All of the erotica is very well-written, and I found myself really enjoying these three stories. The book does fall into some of those common “erotica traps” like mentioned above, but the book still does a great job of providing three seperate, yet related, stories that feature romance, falling in love, and passionate sex. You can check out Body Rush at Good Vibrations.

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