Bling My Vibe! 2017 Winners Announced

The Bling My Vibe! contest invited sex and art celebrities as well as members of the public to make an art piece using a simple Smoothie vibrator. The vibes have been painted, decoupaged, bejeweled, dressed in little outfits, and been the focus of tons of other creative transformations.

On May 21st it was time to check the vote tallies as vibe-blinging artists waited to hear whether their creation had garnered votes. (Thanks to everyone who went online and chose your faves!) Lo and behold, the first prize winner was in the house! She took home a big basket of sex toys, plus our awe and admiration—she’d made a space shuttle, complete with flashlights that glowed red like rocket boosters. The second prize went to an artist who riffed on an instantly-recognizable, inspiring figure, and third prize went to the fabulous Coitus Tower. (Ah, c’mon, tell us that pun never ever crossed your mind!)

The top three winners will receive a Good Vibrations gift basket valued at $300, $200, and $100 respectively.

The Good Vibes staff spoke up, too, and chose two artistic favorites whose creators blinged out with heart, soul, and skill.

Here are the winners, and we’re sending big thanks to all the wonderful artists and crafters who made this year’s Bling My Vibe so special. The blinged vibes will be on display in the Antique Vibrator Museum through the end of the May 2017—come have a look!

First Prize
The Space Shuttle Sexlantis by Teresa Christian

Second Prize
The Virgin Vibe by Crystal Gonzales

Third Prize
Coitus Tower by Meagan H. & Cory D.

GV Staff Choice: Artistic Merit
Lady of Consent [Amelia Gentile]
Knowledge of Good [anon]

Honorable Mention

And for all you crafty types who thought about harnessing the kinetic power of a buzzing vibe, here’s some inspiration—Carol Queen’s partner Robert Morgan Lawrence made a very special sculpture:

Here are all of the Bling My Vibe! 2017 Contestant Entries

and some Good Vibrations Staff Blinged Vibes!

Good Vibes Staff blinged vibes

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