Birth As Adventure

“How would it be to live in a society where we are all, through giving birth or being birthed, in possession of our own power and deep knowing? ~Dr. Sarah J. Buckley

My intention for gathering knowledge about the Sexuality of Pregnancy and Birth is to share empowering information that challenges the way our culture views birth and expand our perception of what is possible in the process of birthing our humans.

I seek to bring time-tested, modern midwifery wisdom into the forefront to create dialogue around more satisfying, safe, expansive and pleasurable women-centered birth, and to illuminate the spaces where creativity, sensuality, passion and the ability to grow new life meet.

As a HypnoBirthing practitioner, I became fascinated by the hormonal connections between birth, sexual intimacy, breastfeeding and relaxation and how well they compliment one another.
And I began to notice how little this connection is talked about.

I love seeing the way people’s faces light up when they find out about these intersections.

Smiles, giggles and blushing! Joy! So life-affirming!

I intend to share the wisdom and empirical knowledge of women such as Ina May Gaskin, Elizabeth Davis, Laura Shanley and many others who offer their understanding of birth as part of a woman’s sexual and emotional life that can be infused with power, trust, ecstasy, profound connection, deep knowing and letting go.

Perhaps we will begin to cultivate more images in the collective consciousness of empowered women birthing their babies with confidence and joy as they move through their births from their own inner promptings in freedom and satisfaction.

And, maybe one day we will share this information and these experiences with one another on the street as if it were as  “natural as the weather or our work or what we watched on television last night.

Buckley, Dr. Sarah J., Healing Birth Healing Earth (2005)


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