Biking with the Birds and the Bees.

We are are a biking family, for reasons of health, happiness and economic frugality.  So everyday either myself or my husband hooks up my kindergartner’s ‘trail-a-bike’ (which is a kid-sized third wheel/seat etc) and off we go to school.  Sometimes we are quiet as our muscles warm up in the chilly morning air, sometimes we sing silly songs, shout out the house numbers (my daughter is learning to read) or pick our favorite houses.  And sometimes we talk about the birds and the bees.

The main conversation I remember is when she asked me how the sperm gets to the egg.  She’d already had plenty of age-appropriate description of where babies come from, where they grow and how they come out.  She has accurate and comfortable language to talk about bodies (see my ‘Yoni’ post here).  But it finally clicked in that she didn’t know how it all connected. 

It is moments like these that it is easy to get ahead of our children with our adult minds.  We may start worrying that we have to have some complex discussion about adult desire and intercourse and lots of other things that may be difficult to talk with friends about, forget our children.  But what my daughter needed to know, and what I told her, was simply that the penis fits inside the vagina,


Good Vibrations

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