Bianca’s Oil

The first time I actually fucked someone it was more happenstance than planning. I mean, Bianca and I had been at the “anything but” stage for three or four weeks, which seemed like eternity. I later found out it was barely a microsecond compared to the lengthy “anything but” experiences of most people I knew or would later meet. But at the time, it seemed like forever.

Bianca and I were dying to fuck. She had sucked my dick and made me come — though I always had to help a little with my own hand before I could come in her mouth. I had eaten her pussy and made her come, something no other lover, including her three female ones, had done for her — not with hands, mouth or cock.

Bianca fancied herself a slut, in intention if not in execution, and would have hopped into bed with me in an instant if there had been a bed available. But the reason we hadn’t fucked was threefold.

First, we lived with our parents. Each time we’d had oral sex, it had been in a frenzied hurry before the parents got home from work, before the sister came in from school — whatever. I had eaten her with her ass on the edge of her waterbed and the side of her parents’ hot tub; she had sucked my dick a dozen times and gotten me off half that many — but always in a frenzy. And Bianca refused to let my first experience of intercourse be had in a frenzy.

Second, the one time Bianca and I had managed to spend the night together — at the apartment of Tia, a mutual friend — she had been through a recent illness that prevented her from taking her birth control pills, so a rubberless fuck was out of the question. And Bianca hated rubbers with all her heart — and swore that my first time would not be with a condom, either.

Lastly, Bianca refused to fuck in a car — even though I had a ’76 Dodge Cornet, a veritable Presidential Suite for furtive college sex. That was really the main reason we hadn’t gone “all the way,” a term Bianca repeatedly said she thought was bogus, because for her oral sex was going all the way, and she didn’t even really like intercourse all that much. Bianca was a small girl, maybe 110 pounds, and her boyfriends so far all had really big dicks. Intercourse invariably hurt for her. She said my dick seemed pretty average, but she still expected it to hurt like a motherfucker when she finally took it inside her. Nonetheless, she was dying to fuck me. The idea of popping my cherry was deliciously attractive to her.

The day it finally happened, I did my shift on our college radio station after school and went home. At six o’clock, I got a call from the ice cream shop where I was working — the manager had overscheduled, and they didn’t really need me to come in that evening. I wondered where everyone is — my sisters and mother weren’t home — and then I realized they were at a church class — the Catholic equivalent of night school — until nine.

I called Bianca right away. “Do you want to fuck?” I asked her. “Fuck yeah,” she replied, like it was a no-brainer. I hopped in the Cornet and raced over to Bianca’s place. She made some excuse to her parents about going to a movie or something, and met me out in front of the house. We rushed back to my house and were ready to strip naked by 7:00.

As we shed our clothes in my room, we kissed tenderly. Bianca stroked my cock, and I was hard almost instantly. When her skull-and-crossbones skirt, David Bowie T-shirt and tights were in a heap on the floor, I pushed her back onto the twin bed in my bedroom. She grasped the flimsy little brass headboard and spread her legs wide as I got onto my knees and began to eat her out. I had made her come a total of six times, in the past, three times with my mouth and three times with my fingers, but right now Bianca was too excited. She moaned softly as I licked my way up and down the lips of her pussy, teasing with my tongue-tip the entrance I was about to breach. I licked at her clit, feeling it harden slightly under my tongue’s strokes, but Bianca grasped my hair and pulled me up to kiss her. She licked her juices from my mouth and whispered “I can’t stand it any more. I want to fuck.”

I shed the rest of my clothes and climbed onto the bed with Bianca. She slid down and took my cock in her mouth, licking from balls to cockhead, stroking the spittle-slick shaft with her hand. She swallowed as much of me as she could, teased me into a froth, then scooted back up the bed and spread her legs as wide as they would go, opening up her pussy to me as she guided me on top of her.

I fit the head of my cock into Bianca’s notch, and she squirmed as I began to press it in. “Gentle,” she cooed into my ear, clutching me tight. “Gentle,” she sighed as I felt the entrance to her body around my cockhead. “Gentle,” she whimpered as I felt the opening of her pussy giving way. Then she gasped, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” and told me to pull out.

Bianca was pale, her forehead slick with sweat, and not the good kind. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, and “Do you have any lube?” was the answer.

“Lube?” I asked, puzzled.

“You know, lubricant.”

“Like Vaseline or something?”

“No, not like Vaseline or something. KY Jelly?”

“What’s KY Jelly?”

“Just something slippery.”

“I can check,” I said.


I went into the bathroom and tore the place apart. There was nothing even remotely like KY Jelly — we were even out of Vaseline. Finally, in the bottom drawer, I found a huge bottle of almond oil that didn’t seem to have ever been opened.

“How’s this?” I asked when I got back to my bedroom.

“Well I only planned to fuck you once,” giggled Bianca. “But that’ll have to do. Give it to me.”

Bianca tipped the enormous bottle over her spread crotch and gasped as an unexpected deluge squirted out. Laughing, she rubbed it into her pussy, sliding a finger gently into the opening and rubbing the almond oil around the lips. “God, this smells terrible,” she said.

“I think it smells kind of good” was my answer.

“Good,” she said, “because you’re going to be sleeping in it.” Steady rivulets of almond oil dribbled down her cunt and onto the bed.

“Your turn,” Bianca said, taking my cock in her oil-slick hand and stroking it up and down, getting it slippery with almond oil. My cock was immediately hard again, and Bianca tugged at it, pulling me on top of her. I slipped between her splayed thighs and she guided my cockhead into her notch again. I began to push gently against the firm resistance I felt, and Bianca gasped — this time, rapturously — as my cockhead slid into her pussy.

“Slowly,” she said. “Slowly…”

I entered her slowly, feeling her oil-slicked pussy take hold of my cock. She was tight, all right — even though I had nothing to compare it to, it seemed amazing how tightly her slicked-up pussy was gripping my hard cock. All of my fuck-fantasies since I’d first started to masturbate didn’t involve a pussy as tight as this one — it was very different than I expected. “Take your time,” she whispered as I started to thrust. “This feels good… this feels so good…”

I fucked her like that, nice and slow, the scent of almond oil filling my nostrils, for what must have been 45 minutes, all the while letting one eye flicker over to the clock which told me when my sisters and mother would be home. I had played with myself for enough years to know I was going to come, and come hard, from fucking Bianca. So I took my time, enjoying the sensations — and when I finally began to thrust in earnest, Bianca gripped me tightly, wrapping her thighs around my waist and whispering “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She begged me to come, and I did, my cock spasming and my orgasm exploding through my body, more intense than any other, as I came inside Bianca’s tightly-gripping cunt.

“That’s right… that’s right, baby… I love you…”

It would be 10 minutes before she would start giggling and say “You just lost your virginity, you just lost your virginity,” between titters and peals of hysterical laughter. Bianca had previously told me that everyone laughs when they lose their virginity. With my crazy girlfriend snickering like a madwoman, I couldn’t help but laugh — at her. So I guess, in my case, she was right.

Bianca and I would spend another year together before personal conflicts and my vanity drove us apart. She and I would always use a good water-based lube after that first time, and it always felt better than it had. But for years after — and to this day — the sickly smell of almond oil would always remind me of losing my virginity to Bianca in my bedroom on a creaking single bed. But now I buy my lube in smaller bottles.

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