Best Essay: Sex After 50

Last week we held a contest for a free seat at Sex after Fifty: A Workshop for Women, taught at Good Vibrations Polk Street store by visiting presenter Joan Price.

In the contest, we asked participants to write a mini-essay about sex. And Ellen N. won our contest for “Best Essay” on Sex After 50. Joan and Good Vibrations’s Staff Sexologist Carol Queen judged the competition, and Ellen attended Joan’s class held this past weekend.

“The class was fantastic,” Ellen said. “Fun and informative.” Thanks for the good words, Ellen! We look forward to working with Joan again soon. If you missed this class, you can catch up with her at, or on Twitter: @JoanPrice. Or order her books at Good Vibrations!: Better Than I Ever Expected, Naked at Our Age and Ageless Erotica.

Here’s Ellen’s essay:

My story is that, in my late 50’s, I started having the best sex of my life!

My story is that, in my late 50’s, I started having the best sex of my life! Big surprise. Didn’t know what I’d been missing. Even though I’d always been a fan of erotica, and considered myself open-minded, I really was a babe in the woods.

When I met a man 5 years older than me (Michael, not real name, was 62 and I was 57)… I knew this relationship was going to be different. I had never been so attracted to a man before! I did something (at a party) I’d never done before. I made the first move, leaning over to kiss him, surprising myself! He was a man of vast experience and loved to experiment. We did not let his E.D. get in the way of our pleasure.

I was introduced to anal eroticism, which has become my favorite!… and he was thrilled to find someone who didn’t judge his kinkiness and viewing porn together got both our engines geared up. He showed me how to enjoy my G-spot. I was initially surprised at the amount of pleasure I received from finger penetration, but it quickly became my favorite thing to do sexually. B & D games are also very enjoyable. We experiment with toys quite often, and a few were even introduced by me! (A Good Vibrations store is in my neighborhood).

I used to call him “teach” for obvious reasons, but now… the student has caught up with the professor, for sure. Thank God that, with the help of people like Joan Price, seniors like myself are finding out that we can still enjoy steamy sex at our age.


Good Vibrations

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3 Responses

  1. Asianzilla says:

    It’s lovely to hear about people of age having fun with sex. Many people love to hear about this, indeed.

  2. says:

    I just touch 50. Hope my sex will be greater like those of Ellen’s from now onwards!

  3. Joan Price says:

    I love the joy and candor in Ellen’s essay. It was a pleasure meeting her and the other lovely women in our workshop! I look forward to doing it again.