Bathroom Activism, Revisited

After my long post on bathroom activism from a genderqueer parent’s P.O.V. last week, I wanted to add a short follow-up pointer to this post from Offbeat Mama called Which restroom should I use?” Challenges facing transgender children in public schools, which tackles the issue from yet another important — if in this case somewhat discouraging — angle.

I may or may not have to face a similar situation myself in the future. It’s hard to tell, and I think it’s most important right now to leave as many doors open as possible in terms of my kids’ gender identity and role exploration. But we start preschool next week. I’ve been fielding questions about their gender since they were born. Now they’re old enough to answer for themselves — even if those answers change from day to day. I harbor a quiet dread of the pressure I know is coming. The same pressure that makes one bathroom the “right” one and another the “wrong” one. All I can do is give them the tools to navigate their own path — and to have their back, with fierceness and with love.

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