Bare Ambition

“Ms. Blackwell,” said Mr. Tully, “I see that you spent a year as Marketing Director at Handwell, Davis and Cox.”

“That’s right,” she said, shifting in her chair.

“That’s quite a prestigious job for someone right out of college,” said Mr. Tully. “How did you come to hold that position?”

Sitting in front of Mr. Tully’s desk, Aurora Blackwell brushed her hand down the front of her close-fitting suit jacket, her scarlet-painted nails drawing Mr. Tully’s hand to the swell of her bosom.

“Yes, well, I believe I interviewed quite well.”

“How so?”

“The interview was between myself and Mr. Handwell, the senior partner in that firm. He was quite moved by my oral interview.”

Mr. Tully swallowed nervously as Aurora fixed him with her big blue eyes and pursed her red-painted lips, letting her tongue laze out just for an instant. Opening her mouth, she drew her tongue around in a small circle around the edge of her lips.

“How… how exactly did you… excel at this interview?” asked Mr. Tully.

“Rather than answering his questions, I undressed.”

“You don’t say.”

“Yes,” said Ms. Blackwell, unbuttoning her jacket. “Then, of course, I took care of him.”

“Took care of him?”

Aurora smiled, her eyes locked in Mr. Tully’s.

She slipped off her jacket and let her hands travel down the length of her body. She began to gather her skirt in her hands and lift it up her thighs, revealing the lace tops of her black stockings and the clasps of her garters. The desk blocked Mr. Tully’s view, so he leaned forward and looked down over the edge as Aurora’s hands went under her raised skirt and came down gracefully holding her panties.

“I think you know what I mean,” said Aurora, reaching over and placing her panties on Mr. Tully’s desk.

“I see you wear your panties outside your garters,” said Mr. Tully sternly.

“It makes it easier to seduce the boss. I got a lot of practice at Handwell, Davis and Cox, since of course Mr. Handwell wasn’t the only one to interview me.”

“I see,” said Mr. Tully, his eyes roving hungrily over Aurora as her hands began to delicately pluck at the buttons of her blouse. She slowly opened the cream-colored garment, revealing the lacy black bra that, earlier, Mr. Tully had noticed was quite visible through the light-colored blouse. Now he knew why.

“Mr. Davis, in particular, demanded daily blowjobs. The other two were satisfied with three or four times a week.” The blouse went slipping off Aurora’s arms and pooled on the floor behind her chair. The black bra cupped her breasts firmly, cut low enough to reveal her nipples — which Mr. Tully had also taken note of earlier.

“Those are really quite impressive,” said Mr. Tully. “Did you pay for those with your exorbitant salary?”

“Please, Mr. Tully. I’m insulted.” Aurora unfastened the front clasp of the bra and eased the flimsy lace off of her breasts. “Six figures doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to.”

Mr. Tully’s eyes roved over Aurora’s naked breasts. He cleared his throat as she began to tease her nipples, pinching them with her fingers and rubbing them with her open palms as her tongue made an inviting circle around her bright red lips.

Mr. Tully glanced down at her resume. “Yes, yes, of course it doesn’t. I… I see that during your tenure in Marketing at Handwell, Davis and Cox, you increased their clients from 30 to 75. Your resume says you did it without spending one dollar on advertising. How exactly did you achieve that?”

“I think you know,” said Aurora.

Aurora smiled, pinching her nipples and whimpering slightly.

“I… I can hazard a guess,” said Mr. Tully.

“And you’d be right. It’s amazing how desperate businessmen can get. Sometimes just a handjob would do it, but usually I went all the way. More because I wanted to than because I had to.”

She pinched her nipples harder, moaned softly, then slid her hand down her body and let it vanish under her raised skirt. She gasped as her hand worked between her legs. She brought it out glistening with her juices, then leaned forward on the edge of the desk and extended her hand to Mr. Tully’s mouth.

His lips hung slack as she slipped her fingers between them. She drew her slick fingers in a circle around his lips, then eased her middle finger deep into his mouth.

“Could you say no to that pussy, Mr. Tully?”

“H… how were these… clients… referred to you?”

Aurora withdrew her hand, then stood up and unzipped her skirt. She began to wriggle out of it, her slim hips making bewitching motions back and forth as her tits jiggled with the effort. When the exceedingly tight skirt finally made it over her hips, Mr. Tully stared, wide-eyed, at the smooth-shaved mound of Aurora’s pussy.

“Webcam,” she said, eagerly stroking her moist slit.


Aurora began to come around the side of the desk, taking her time, sauntering. Her impossibly high heels made her tower over the small accountant as she approached him. Her hips swayed back and forth, mesmerizing Mr. Tully as the scent of her pussy reached his nostrils.

“If you’ll visit the Handwell web site, you’ll see I’m still archived there.” She leaned over Mr. Tully, putting one knee on his thigh and just nudging his hard cock with it. Mr. Tully leaned back obediently as Aurora jiggled his mouse, called up his web browser, and typed in a URL, the painful slowness of it indicating that a typing test was not part of the interview process at Handwell, Davis and Cox.

A window popped up and began to play a clip of a slightly younger Aurora, legs spread and wearing a pair of shimmering silver nipple clamps, using one hand to fuck herself while she used the other to punch numbers into a ten-key adding machine. The sound quality was low, but Mr. Tully could hear the chattering of the adding machine printer mingling with Aurora’s moans of orgasm.

Aurora drew back from the keyboard and slid into Mr. Tully’s lap, straddling him, legs spread wide and pussy grinding against his cock through his $19 dress pants. She put her arms around his head and cradled him tenderly, her lips very close to his now.

“You’d be amazed how many CFOs cruise the Net for free porn,” she cooed.

“I… I wouldn’t know about that,” he said.

“Of course not,” said Aurora, her mouth barely touching Mr. Tully’s, her tongue teasing his lower lip. She reached out with one hand and hit the link at the bottom of the webcam page — her resume popped up. “That’s why you called me.”

Mr. Tully looked like he was about to say something; she shut him up with her mouth planted hard on his. Her tongue slid into him and he moaned softly as she ground her pussy against the bulge of his cock.

“God, how I adore polyester,” she moaned, and slid off Mr. Tully’s lap and onto her knees.

She had his pants open in ten seconds and his cock in her mouth in another two. Mr. Tully’s eyes widened as her lips and tongue glided up and down on his shaft; when she drew off his cock, her mouth dripping, strings of spit running from lips to cockhead, she moaned “Fuck me. Fuck me from behind.”

She shimmered up the length of Mr. Tully’s body, planted one black high heel in between his legs and pushed his wheeled office chair back. She turned around and leaned heavily on his desk, brushing her panties onto the floor. She raised her ass, legs spread, hand between her legs and parting her lips.

Mr. Tully leapt off the chair, his pants going rumpled down his legs and making him waddle as he approached Ms. Blackwell from behind. He entered her in a hard thrust, and she moaned uncontrollably as she pushed herself back onto his cock. He rutted wildly into her as she pumped her pussy up and down on Mr. Tully’s long shaft, meeting each uncertain thrust of his with a determined one of her own. In moments, she was panting heavily.

“I’m going to come,” she moaned. “Reach under me and stroke my clit, Mr. Tully! If you make me come, you can hire me!”

Without thinking, Mr. Tully reached his hand under Aurora and began to stroke her clit. She came in an instant, clawing at the desk, her ass lifting in great shuddering movements as Mr. Tully pounded her until he came himself, deep inside her.

Mr. Tully slid out of her and collapsed back into his chair, breathing hard.

Ms. Blackwell straightened herself up, walked around the edge of the desk, and gathered her clothes. She slid the skirt over her head, not bothering with her panties, and slipped on her blouse without the bra, while Mr. Tully watched, rapt.

“You’ve got the job,” he squeaked. “I’ll give you 20,000 more than you were making at Handwell!”

Aurora used her long-nailed hand to cover a small yawn.

“I’ve got a few more interviews,” she said. “I’ll let you know by the end of the week.”


Aurora came around the desk again, sat in Mr. Tully’s lap, and kissed him lightly on the lips.

“50,000,” he said weakly.

“Thank you very much for seeing me, Mr. Tully,” said Aurora. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

“Wait,” said Mr. Tully, taking her hand. “I… I have one more question.”

Aurora sighed petulantly. “The interview is over,” she said. Then, eyes narrowing, she said, “All right, Mr. Tully. One more question.”

“Why did you leave Handwell?”

Aurora drew Mr. Tully’s face between her breasts, now quite visible, braless, through the sheer blouse.

“Ambition, Mr. Tully. Naked, shameless ambition.”

Aurora stood up in one fluid movement and sauntered out of the office, leaving her bra and panties scattered moist across the office floor.

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