Bad Haircut, Good Lay, Part Two

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“Oh, how cute! You’re blushing! Well, fuck. She was onto me. “You come to a wedding practically as naked as you are now, sitting on that bench next to me the entire time, your cunt probably dripping wet with my hand on your thigh, so dangerously close to your wet, wet hole, and yet¦you blush when I strip off your dress.

Her eyes hadn’t left my face for a second while she talked to me, and I’d tried my best to keep eye contact, but yes, I was naked, wet, and in a pastor’s quarters, and so yes, I was blushing. Probably the good Catholic girl who still lived somewhere inside of me was causing my cheeks to turn red, causing me to get a little shy, even though I’d expected something like this to happen, even hoped for it.

“May I see if you’re as wet as I’m guessing? Ronnie asked, and I nodded my head almost instantly. I may have been blushing, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t practically ready to beg her to touch me. Ronnie, who had already been practically pressed up against me, came even closer. One of her hands came to rest on my right hip, and she raised up the other, slowly trailing her fingers down my side, then moved them, inch by inch, so very slowly, towards my cunt. And then she spread its lips, placed her fingers on my clit, and grinned. “My, you are wet, aren’t you, sugar?

“Yes, mmm, yes, I said, having trouble forming a sentence even that complex. My head was tilted up, and Ronnie slowly inched me towards the door, her hand still on my cunt, her fingers still pressing against my clit, the pressure alone causing me to breathe quicker than usual, causing me to get even wetter than I already was. Then my back was against the door, and I had no way to get away from her, her and her hands, not that I’d even want to, but still, being trapped against the door, naked, wet, and controlled, this was what I liked, this was what really got me going.

“You should know, Hannah, my dear, that I’m packing right now. She isn’t big, but she gets the job done. And she vibrates.

I slowly lowered my eyes at the sound of a zipper, barely registering the fact that Ronnie’s hand had left my hip. And then I saw the aforementioned dildo, and if that was Ronnie’s idea of “not big, I really didn’t want to see her idea of the opposite. It had to be at least seven inches, and was certainly thick, too “ the only thing about it that wasn’t intimidating was the fact that it was hot pink with shimmery, sky-blue glitter.

“It’s¦bigger than you said. I cleared my throat. I certainly wasn’t used to taking dildos that big, but I also wasn’t used to being this wet. Would I be able to manage it? Only time would tell.

And tell it did, as Ronnie slowly slid it between my legs, as it slipped inside me like nothing, shocking me a little, but it felt so good said shock just melted away in moments. Ronnie was pressed up against me now, and I felt so full it was almost unbelievable, fuller than I’d probably ever been before, or ever would be, stopping only short of what I imagined fisting must be like.

Then Ronnie lifted up each of my arms, wrapping her fingers around each of my wrists, and she began to fuck me, and oh God did it ever feel good. That huge dick, sliding in and out of me, pressing me open with each of her thrusts, each one bringing little noises from my lips. I knew I had to stay quiet, because who knew when someone might come walking by the door I was pressed up against, the door I was being fucked against, the door which was the main reason I was able to stay upright, considering how good the dick Ronnie was fucking me with felt. And then, as I began to get louder, Ronnie kissed me, her lips wet and soft. Her kisses were not soft, though, and they certainly weren’t gentle. And then, neither was her fucking, nor was the way the dildo began to plunge in and out, fast and hard thrusts, and it was clear Ronnie wasn’t going to be gentle at all, not any longer. Her hands grew tighter around my wrists, and I made sound after sound, each one muffled by her mouth, each one muted by her kisses.

And then I pulled back, and told Ronnie I wanted to get off. She slowly slid the dick out of me, and then slid me to the ground, flipping around so the dildo hovered above my face as I lay on my back, her mouth inches away from my cunt, the dildo inches away from my mouth. “Suck it and I’ll get you off, sweetie. I want you to taste yourself as you come, and I want you to be gagged, too, because I’m going to make you come hard, just so you’re warned.

And so the dildo slid inside me again, only this time it went into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on it as Ronnie’s mouth worked my clit, and I came only a little later, my sounds muffled around the huge dildo. I knew they would have echoed throughout the whole building if I hadn’t had a mouthful of dick “ smart woman, that Ronnie.

We tidied ourselves up as best we could, and Ronnie helped me make sure my dress looked almost as unwrinkled as it had been when I’d first been wearing it. I sucked the last bits of my juices off of her dildo, and she tucked it back into her pants.

“Nice of you to plan ahead like that, I told her. “Wearing a dildo to the wedding, I mean.

“Nice of you to skip panties, too, Ronnie said. “I hope at least one of the brides was just as smart as us.

“Yeah, maybe one of them is packing, and maybe the other one is panty-less underneath her wedding gown. I bet they’ll have a killer wedding night if that’s the case.

“And a very enjoyable marriage, too. Shall we, then? Ronnie asked, opening the door to the church.

“We shall, I replied.

Maybe the energy from our fucking would spread to the two brides, I thought, as we walked to the reception. Maybe their wedding night would be just as hot as the sex we’d just had. I sure hoped so. Any married coupling which began with sex that hot in the bargain was well worth it.

And then Ronnie said, “Shall we? again, a few hours later. This time, it was an invitation to dance. And so I took her hand and let her lead me onto the dance floor, and we slow danced to the romantic music the band was playing. I looked across the room at the brides as we danced, and both looked happy enough to burst. I was happy too, I found. A glance in a bathroom mirror a few hours earlier had shown how happy I was, a smile on my face despite the haircut I still was rather unhappy with.

Yes, it may have been a very bad haircut, but it came with a very good lay.


Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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