Autumn Spying

“Delice. You are most certainly Delicious.”

I licked her top and bottom lips. They tasted like raspberry, like the margaritas she insisted on ordering every time we had Mexican food. Tonight she would be my Mexican food. I ran two of my fingers along her lower lip. The softness struck me. I pressed my fingers inside her tender mouth and touched the edge of her teeth. She dug the edges into the soft pads of my fingertips, causing me to squeal a little bit. Her skin was dark not only from her heritage but from the sun. Her tongue encircled my two fingers and her lips closed. Sucking lightly, she leaned forward and put her lips to mine. I was wearing bright red lipstick that I knew would smear if she got anymore aggressive. Her breasts rubbed against my other hand. I was wearing a skirt with nothing underneath and the summer breeze blew up my skirt, hitting the juices trickling out of my pussy.

We had been eating cheesecake out on my deck and drinking tea when I decided I wanted to eat Delice instead. I licked the little bit of cheesecake raspberry sauce leftover on her chin.

A noise startled us and we both looked over in the direction of the wooden fence. The bushes rustled.

“Do you think someone’s watching us?” She asked wide-eyed and in a whisper.

I shrugged and tried to focus on the space between the panels. I couldn’t see anyone but the thought of someone getting a thrill from our intimacy made my blood pump faster throughout my body. “Don’t worry about it,” I said, pulling her into my lap. I liked to call her my pixie. Luckily she had some Puerto Rican curves, to fill my hands when I kissed her full lips.

“Sandy, they could be watching,” she stared intently into my eyes.

I had a feeling she was right but I tried to quell her fear by taking her in my arms. Soon she was sprawled out on the deck, her pixie legs spread, her cunt shadowed by the moonlight. I took her in my mouth and sucked her gently. Slowly, I ran my tongue lightly across her clit. She began to moan, her eyes closed. Her arms flew above her head. Obviously, all thoughts of the peeping neighbors had left her mind, but I was still intrigued. As I licked more aggressively, I tried to make out anything next door. Delice’s hands flew to my head and her fingernails tangled in my hair. My eyes widened and my heart raced when I thought I saw someone looking back at me through a wormhole.

I knew Delice’s pussy like the back of my hand. I could get her off without even thinking about it. My tongue and lips knew what each fold of her pussy enjoyed. The taste of her made me even wetter. I stuck two fingers inside of her slickness. My other hand went up my skirt.

By that time, I swore a blue eye gazed back at me through the fence. I played with myself furiously as Delice came all over my mouth. Her cum dripped down my chin. When I heard branches break, I knew I was right. I kissed Delice’s tight stomach and came all over my hand.

When I looked up, her dark brown eyes stared back at mine. I wrapped my fingers around her long black hair and pulled her face to mine. The night air was cool. It was the middle of September and starting to cool down. I hoped the neighbors were enjoying this fantastic night as much as I was.

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