Ask the Doctors: Too Much Vaginal Lubrication

I am in my late 40’s, and just get too wet during foreplay and subsequent sex. It’s not squirting, it’s my interior v walls secreting too much lubrication.  Do you have any recommendations or products to reduce this?  Aside from a constant towel wiping, appreciate any ideas you might have.

Although we usually hear about the opposite being a problem, having too much vaginal lubrication can be challenging. For some, it’s because it makes things messy. For others, it means that there isn’t enough friction for sex to be enjoyable. Either way, it can definitely get in the way.

Is this a recent change for you? In general, vaginal lubrication is linked to levels of estrogen, which is why many women report lubricating less when they enter menopause. Has anything happened that might account for a change in your hormones, such as starting or stopping using hormonal birth control? That can sometimes affect vaginal lubrication. If this is something new, you might want to get checked out by a doctor, in case this is a sign of a hormonal shift.

If the concern is having messy sex, one of the easiest ways to deal with it is to get some towels for sex. Dark colors work best- just throw one down and go for it. The Liberator Fascinator Throes are another option. They’re gorgeous, feel great, and have a waterproof layer to keep things easy to clean up. Or if you want something disposable (great for travel!), you can get some chucks at the drug store. They’re one-use pads that you can lay down like a towel and then toss when you’re done. They’re marketed for incontinence, but a lot of people who like messy sex or women who ejaculate use them for sex, so don’t worry about that.

Another choice is having sex in the shower since it’d take away any concerns about any mess. Although you might not want to make that the only place you have sex, you could make it one of your options.

On the other hand, if your lubrication is reducing friction to the point that pleasure is reduced, especially during intercourse, try some positions that include keeping your knees together. For example, rear entry with your partners knees straddling your legs might work. This tends to keep the vaginal walls closer together, which increases friction.

Some folks also find that positions that allow for more grinding rather than thrusting work well. The “coital alignment technique” is a popular one- for this one, your partner slides further up your body so that their penis or dildo is rubbing the clitoris as it slides in and out, rather than straight in and missing the clitoris.

At this point, there aren’t any effective and safe medical options. Some people will do things like taking decongestants or antihistamines since can they dry out the vagina along with your sinuses. But they’re not easy to control dosing and a dry mouth makes kissing or oral sex less fun. Some people also use creams or powders- in fact, many “vaginal tightening creams” actually dry the tissues out. But I definitely don’t recommend them. There’s no guarantee of safety or quality and some people have sensitivities or allergic reactions to the ingredient, while others will end up with yeast infections. Definitely not a great option.

Unfortunately, at this point, there aren’t any other ways to address this issue. But you can definitely find ways to work with it and still have plenty of fun.


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