Ask the Doctors: Tipped Uterus and Pain

My wife and I enjoy our sex, but wonder about limitations. I am very inflexible, and she has been told she has a tipped uterus. In our experience the main result of that is that rear-entry positions are rather painful and some positions are just uncomfortable. We are trying not to spend money unnecessarily on furniture-like items. Do you have any other suggestions or direct suggestions of what might work?

When someone has a tipped or retroverted uterus, the uterus tilted towards the back, rather than towards the front. It’s pretty common- some sources say that as many as 20-30% of women have one.

There are different possible causes, any of which can affect sexual pleasure or discomfort. If it’s due to some of the ligaments that hold the uterus being less tight, then odds are that the pain during sex is from impact on the cervix. Of course, that can be painful even for women whose uteruses are in the more common position, but it does seem to be more likely when it’s tipped.

If that’s the case for your wife, some positions may simply be uncomfortable. You might find that limiting the depth of penetration might help, but rear entry positions generally cause deeper penetration, so it can be tricky. One option would be to have her keep her knees together. That brings the buttocks closer together and limits how deep you can go, but it works better for some people than others.

Another option would be to try some different angles. For example, putting the Liberator Ramp under her so that she’s not horizontal (her head above her hips) might change the angle enough to keep your penis from coming into contact with her cervix. I know you prefer to not purchase sex furniture, so try to get the same effect with some pillows. Another fun rear entry position is to have her lie flat. If she keeps her knees together, with your knees on the outside of her legs, that could work, too.

Unfortunately, rear entry might not work for the two of you, if the angle of your penis and the way you thrust simply bring your penis and her cervix together.

It’s also important to mention that a tipped uterus can also be caused by endometriosis or fibroid tumors. Some women have these without experiencing any discomfort, but they can make sex painful. So it might be a good idea for her to talk with a doctor just to be safe.

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