Ask the Doctors: Fun With Feet

What is the consensus on feet?  We are both into her feet.  She is a very beautiful woman with an absolutely lovely body, which I enjoy from head to toe.  We were wondering what the foundation for our mutual foot fetish is?  And here’s where we really get nuts!  We both think that anal sex for her is heightened when I’m smelling, kissing, and licking her feet.  We both love it, and everything is groovy, we’re just rather curious….  spent a bit of time early this morning discussing it, apres-sex.  Hope to hear from you.
–Getting Off on the Right Foot

I’m always hesitant to try to say what causes a particular kink or desire. In my experience, it’s really easy to make a sweeping statement that just isn’t true for everyone. And while some people can point to a specific reason for their individual desires, other people will have had very different experiences, yet share the same turn-ons.

Having said that, I have heard it suggested that one reason that some people enjoy foot stimulation could be that the nerves that provide sensory input from the sole of the foot (the lateral plantar, the medial plantar, and the tibial) exit the spine at multiple places in the lower back and sacrum, and that the pudendal nerve (which goes to the genitals) is connected at one of these places. In effect, foot stimulation creates nerve signals that heighten the signals caused by genital and anal stimulation. I don’t know if this has ever been proven to the satisfaction of scientists, but it makes sense as a possible explanation to me.

Also, the feet are very sensitive, with lots of nerves endings, but with modern shoes, most people don’t get a lot of foot sensation in their everyday lives. So when you’re tickling, licking, or massaging the feet, you’re stimulating a part of the body that might not be getting as much sensation it wants. That can be a turn-on, in and of itself.

Of course, for some people, the taboo element is a factor. For example, if the idea of licking someone’s foot is taboo, as it is for many people, it can add a bit of spice if you do it. Similarly, a lot of people like rimming for the rule-breaking/being naughty element, in addition to the actual sensation. Since you mention a particular fondness for combining foot worship and anal sex, maybe I jumped to a conclusion, but maybe there is a connection there for you.

This might even be heightened by your head-to-toe appreciation of this particular person. For example, if it’s a “you’re so beautiful, I even love your feet” sort of thing, it could be that the attraction and desire led to the admiration, which led to discovering the physical pleasure, which reinforces the cycle.

And then, there’s the fact that, at least as far as women are concerned, there are plenty of sexy images of feet, toes, pedicures, shoes, sandals, boots, etc. Within that context, there’s already a foundation for admiring feet and for some people, it’s simply a matter of trying it out in real life.

So there could be lots of different possibilities. And since the two of you have clearly found a mutual interest, good for you! Have fun!


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