Ask the Doctors: Can I Increase My Ejaculation?

Do you know any pills that increase sperm production and give me a more voluminous ejaculation and intensify orgasms?

Whenever I look online a lot of different kinds POP up and I don’t know which one to choose, nor do I know who to ask.

I hope you can help me.
–Big Man, Big Load

There are tons of pills and potions that promise this kind of result — many are sold online, and some are also available at certain adult shops. NONE of them have been proven to work. Some are associated with damaging physical effects, and I wouldn’t recommend you try them.

The one substance that in fact may have the effects you’re looking for is testosterone — but it’s a controlled substance, one that you need to get via a medical doctor. If the doc doesn’t think you’re low on T, s/he likely won’t prescribe it, but it’s something you could ask about next time you go in for a physical.

I’m not sure whether you associate larger volume of ejaculation with a better orgasm; that isn’t always one of the factors that changes the experience of pleasure, though some men say that more of a load increases the number of contractions they feel. The strength of the expulsion of one’s ejaculate is another matter, but the actual amount of ejaculate doesn’t control that. I’ll give you some info below about things that might affect that element of things.

By the way, did you know that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate phenomena? They are so often experienced together than many guys think of them as the same thing, but it’s very possible for a man to have a great orgasm without any ejaculation at all — and also possible to ejaculate without the pleasurable feelings of an orgasm. If you want to know more about this, I’d recommend the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man. Oh, and the size of your ejaculation may not involve sperm count at all, so let’s leave them out of it unless reproduction is a goal as well as sensation.

Here’s the single most important thing you may be able to do to affect the volume of your ejaculation: Like the rest of our bodies, ejaculate is mostly water. If you don’t drink a lot of water, stay hydrated. And I’m not talking about caffeinated beverages, alcoholic drinks, or anything else that has (counterintuitively, since it’s wet) dehydrating properties. I’m talking actual H2O.

Also, the amount of time since your last ejaculation is a factor. There is a point of diminishing return here because a load does not just keep getting ever larger. As my ejaculation expert, sexologist Dr. Robert Lawrence puts it, “Most men have a fluid regenerative time that peaks as the body begins to resorb its own proteins. Keep track of days between orgasm and track your ejaculate volume and arousal. Keep charts and measurements. See, science can really be fun!”

Some men are sold on nutritional supplements, most commonly zinc, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-carnitine, lecithin, good fats like Omega-3, and pumpkin seed/oil. These may be worth exploring, but let me suggest instead that a healthy, balanced diet will already give you what these supplements would add. No one wishing to achieve optimum sexual experience will get there eating a bad or unbalanced diet (or smoking, couch-potato-ing, or drinking/drugging to excess), so healthy living has to be part of the mix. Remember that if you exercise regularly it’s great for your sexual response, but that you’ll then need even more water.

For stronger orgasms, here are some non-substance-related suggestions. Not all of these may work for you, but some might be just the ticket to make your experience more intense.

Kegel exercises: If you don’t exercise one set of muscles in particular, the pleasurable contractions of orgasm won’t feel as good. The pubococcygeal (or PC, sometimes also known as Kegel) muscles will reward you well if you take the time to do repetitive squeezes to exercise and strengthen them.

Increase your arousal via porn, fantasy, erotic talk, roleplay, and other turn-ons: The higher your arousal before you come, the better the orgasm is likely to feel. Whatever gets you going and adds value to your sexual arousal will add to your orgasm as well.

Add more sensation via anal, nipple play, vibration, etc.: Whether you do it via toy play, getting your partner’s hands involved on other erogenous parts of your body, or you add your own stimulation, this is likely to increase arousal and climax, if you like the stimulation you’re getting.

Tantric breathing and other exercises: Many people tend to hold their breath when getting near orgasm. This can seem to increase the intensity of your climb toward climax, but many sex educators, most notably Betty Dodson, argue that it in fact mutes the sensations associated with orgasm. Try a little Tantra and see if it makes a difference.

Take your time: Don’t race to the finish line–it will make for a smaller load and a milder come. Instead, build up toward orgasm, back off and start again, and repeat until you can’t stand it any more. The longer you engage in erotic stimulation (as long as it remains erotic, not just going through the motions and trying to keep your mind off your desire to come), the stronger your orgasm will be, and this may well have a positive effect on the quantity you ejaculate.

Dr. Robert has an additional suggestion here. He says:  “Take your time and increase your arousal as much as possible — that is, don’t come too quick. As you begin to emit fluid, hold your finger against the urethra, closing it off from emitting any precome; this will reserve it for ejaculation and provide a larger column of fluid for the prostatic reflex to start against. This will help keep all the glandular tissue opened up to drain its fluids more thoroughly.”

In fact, he says, if you can hold your urethra partially closed, that will also add to the pressure of the ejaculation (and may also be a way to go for a greater distance, which might also be fun). These techniques are obviously not so practical for intercourse, but for masturbation and hand jobs they can certainly be explored.

Health matters: Again, if you are out of shape, don’t exercise, don’t eat a good balanced diet, smoke, are chronically dehydrated, and drink too much alcohol, no supplement or pharmaceutical will do you as much good as adopting a healthy lifestyle. This is the stuff of new year’s resolutions, but these lifestyle changes pay off in the sack, so I strongly encourage you to consider where you can add value to your sexual response and your overall health.

Good luck, and great orgasms!

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Dr. Carol Queen

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