Announcing Scarleteen’s New Provider Database- Add Your Organization Now!

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ve probably seen some posts about That’s because it’s an amazing organization and it’s one of a very few sexuality resources for young people that offers accurate and direct information without judging or shaming them.

They’ve just launched a new database project and it’s going to be amazing. Here it is, in their own words:


One of the best ways to find quality sexual healthcare and other in-person help services is by asking people we know and trust for a recommendation. But that can be difficult, especially for young people: so many are either ashamed about sexual healthcare and other related services, or are afraid that disclosing they’ve gotten care will result in a breach of their privacy. Many young people don’t even get care they need in the first place, so don’t know anyone to refer someone else to, especially in areas where services are limited or where seeking out services presents a profound personal risk.

So, we’re building the next best thing. You can use our online tool to find out who Scarleteen readers around the world recommend for good care and service, and view listings of services our staff, volunteers and allies know to be of quality for young people. Or, you can enter your own listing to help others find services they need from providers you know are great, or add your review of a provider or service to an existing listing. If you’re a service provider, you can enter information about your clinic, center or practice and it will be published for others to review.

Since the database is new, they need some help getting listings. If you know or work for an organization that offers sexual health services to young people, please go here to add it to the list. It’s an international database, so it doesn’t matter what country you’re in. What kinds of services qualify? Here’s a list:

  • basic sexual/reproductive healthcare
  • STI/STD testing and treatment
  • contraception (birth control)
  • emergency contraception
  • pregnancy testing
  • pregnancy options counseling (pro-choice only)
  • abortion services
  • pre-natal care/obstetrics
  • midwife/doula services
  • counseling or therapy
  • support groups
  • addiction/recovery services
  • trans gender/gender-variant services
  • LGBQ services (lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer or questioning)
  • teen-specific services
  • rape/abuse crisis services
  • services for teen or young parents
  • shelter/crisis housing
  • alternative medicine (such as naturopathy, acupuncture or massage therapy)
  • referrals to other services

So head on over and help get the word out!

Dr. Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations. He also writes, blogs, teaches workshops and university courses, presents at conferences, and trains sexuality educators. He’s certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and loves geeking out about sex, relationships, sex-positivity, love and shame, communities of erotic affiliation, and sexual practices and techniques of all varieties. Follow him online, on Twitter at @charlieglickman, or on Facebook.

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