Ann & William, Day 1

The story of Anna and William’s beginning was very innocent at first. At least from Ann’s side but we know men are vicious hunters always stalking their prey. Ann volunteered at the San Francisco MOMA doing various art events and she met many artists. William was an up and coming artist in San Francisco and was working on an exhibit that was going into the MOMA. During a welcome party and fundraiser Ann and William met. William suggested that Ann model for him and she gladly agreed to do so.

William sent a car to Ann’s house to pick her up so she did not have to fuss with parking near his loft. Ann was instructed to wear something that she could easily get out and in to as needed. It was apparent that Ann’s modeling would be of the nude nature. Ann as any woman would assume that this was all completely innocent and for the sake of art. Little did she know that William was hunting her as his prey.

Ann stepped out of the back seat of the black Lincoln Town car and looked up at the William’s building. It was an old building that was recently remodeled and it had at least 10 floors to it. She rang the bell by the door and she heard a buzz that unlocked the door for her. She pulled it open and stepped in the lobby. She saw an elevator with two silver doors and pressed the up button. She looked around admiring the paint job of the lobby and the artwork hanging. She wondered if it was William’s work. The elevator dinged and the double doors parted open for her. She pressed the top most button on the panel that read “Loft and the doors slowly slid shut. She watched the numbers of the floors light up and she felt her nerves starting to kick in. There was nothing for her to be afraid of. She was Ann the former cheerleader of her high school and fraternity leader of her college. Outgoing and confident were her strong points and she knew she still looked great at 42 and why else would an artist ask her to model in the nude if she didn’t look fabulous.

The elevator halted to a stop and the doors slide open. Standing a foot away from the opening was William. He was well over six feet tall, black, glasses and very handsome. He was not stocky but was average in body type. Ann smiled at him as he reached out for her hand. She stepped out of the elevator and shook hands with William.

“Ann, how are you doing today? William asked with a large grin.

“I am doing very well William. Your loft is gorgeous. Ann replied tapping into her confidence.

“Thank you so much for doing this for me. I am under a deadline and needed a model ASAP. William expressed as he guided her to an area across the room by the sunlit windows.

“Not a problem William. I am very flattered and honored that you even asked me, Ann said as she gripped his hand and followed him along the winding path around his loft.

Ann looked around and took in the environment. The walls were painted various colors but the wall they were walking towards was a blood red. There was a single and very large painting that hung in the center of the wall and it was an image of a group of naked women laying amongst each others but Ann couldn’t help but noticed that each of their faces looked very orgasmic and lust filled. Her heels snapped against the hardwood floors and when they reached the farthest corner she saw a bed with red disheveled sheets, an easel and a screen covering the corner.

“Ok Ann, go ahead and undress behind the screen there. You will find a rack to hang your dress on and a robe to get into. When you are ready just come out and I will be waiting right here by the easel. William explained as he started to tool around with pencils and paper.

Ann moved behind the screen and slipped out of her dress and hung it on the hanger. She then slipped out of her panties and bra. Last her shoes came off and she wrapped the robe around her as she walked from behind the screen.

William glanced at her as she continued to look around. She was a beautiful Asian woman with long black hair that flowed to her breasts.  She was slender and a good five foot seven inches. Her light brown skin was flawless and not a wrinkle on her face. She easily passed for a girl in her late twenties and people always gasped when she revealed her real age. She loved the stunned reactions. His eyes were pure hunger for her as he watched her cling to the white robe. He could see her nipples were erect, due to the open windows letting the cool bay area breeze in. He could tell she was a little nervous and he knew that she would be fine once he comforted her but he was enjoying her nervous glances around the loft.  He walked over to her before she would start to have second thoughts.

“Go ahead and hand me your robe and lay on your back in the bed and I will arrange the sheet over you. William had his hand outreached.

Ann slowly unraveled the robe and handed it to William and carefully lay in the bed. William placed the robe on a coat rack near the head of the bed and then started to arrange Ann’s body for his needs. He pulled all her hair to her right side so it was draped over the edge of the bed and had her grip the red sheet between her breasts with her left leg and right breast exposed to William. As William was pulled up the sheet he noticed that Ann was completely waxed between her legs and he smirked only slightly so Ann would notice what he saw.

“Dreamy eyes and parted lips, William instructed as he got behind the easel and started to frantically sketch away.

Ann lied there and felt very vulnerable and exposed to a near stranger. Yet, she felt a little thrill in this adventure.  She felt a rush of excitement as William’s hand would brush against her naked flesh and she noticed the slight smirk of his mouth when he realized she was freshly waxed between her legs. She knew her nipples were very erect and she even started to have goose bumps on her brown skin. She almost felt drugged and post orgasm and even started to think about William had just fucked her ragged and was so inspired by her beauty that he was not drawing her. It’s every girl’s dream, right?

As William started basic lines and curves that started to form into a rough outline of Ann he could see the look on her face change. He saw she was now becoming the role of a satisfied woman.  The genuine look on her face was telling him she was thoroughly enjoying herself and that if anything she was aroused by the experience but he already knew that before she got comfortable. William knew women very well and they were his specialty.  He was not a pig but in fact the opposite. He loved women very much and he loved to dominate and please them moreover.

“How about a break? William asked setting down the dulling pencil.

Ann snapped back to reality, “Uh sure, she said almost dreamily.

William stood from the chair and walked over to the coat rack and pulled the robe down.

“Oh, that is not necessary. I want to embrace this rare sunny day through your windows, Ann said as she slipped out of the bed and walked toward the west window.

“Very well, William said with a smile as he placed the robe back on the rack.

Ann walked slowly to the window opening her arms to stretch. She could feel William’s eyes burning into her perfect ass. She smiled stretching her limbs and admiring the view from the loft. She looked down and saw people walking about below and the sky was a beautiful bright blue. There was another building across the street with a loft at the same level. She peered as best as she could but could not make out the inside of the space. She twisted at the waist and saw William back behind the easel sketching away and she smiled.

“I was taking the opportunity since the sun is radiating your body right now. William murmured with a pencil between his teeth. His hand was moving fluidly against the paper. He was a professional.

“I am ready for the bed again, Ann said into the window.

“Sure thing. Hop back in and I will arrange you back. William said putting his pencil back down and standing up.

Ann made her way back to the bed and slipped back in. Again William arranged the sheet back between her breasts and bearing one leg. She noticed the slight brushes against her skin were heavier than before but they were still brushes. Between her legs started to tingle and she slightly squirmed at the touches.

“Dreamy eyes and parted lips¦ William reminded Ann but she was already lost in her thoughts.

Ann lay there with lidded eyes and stared in William’s direction. She could only see the left side of his body but that was enough to let her mind run.  In her mind she wanted Williams hands on her, all over her and she felt herself growing wet. She couldn’t control the thoughts and she was starting to subtly squirm underneath the sheet. When William’s eye would peer around the corner she would stop the movements in embarrassment and fear of getting caught. Her breathing was getting heavier and her blinking was slow and long.

“How are you doing, Ann? William asked with a smile peering from the around the easel.

“Just fine, she said breathlessly.  Her chest was heaving up and down as she stared directly in his eyes.

“Good, ” he said softly, “Just about done here.

Her squirming became a little more obvious and she could have sworn that as he peered he may have caught the shifting of the sheet. She wondered how big his cock was and if he was feeling the same way she was.  Ann licked her lips and closed her eyes and when they opened again William was walking towards her.

“All done, Ann. I hope that wasn’t too painful for you? William asked grabbing the robe down from the rack.

“Quite the opposite, Ann said breathlessly.

William looked down into Ann’s face and smiled. His hand brushed the side of her face, “You are an exceptional subject and I thank you for indulging my left brain.

“Anytime, William, Ann let out as she snapped back to reality.

“Ann? he asked kneeling beside the bed.

“Y-yes? she said as she stared into his eyes.

William moved into Ann’s face and kissed her lips. She didn’t resist at all, in fact she slipped her tongue between his lips to greet his. He embraced her naked body, pulled her up as his fingers traced her spine to her ass and gripped her body. Ann let out a gasp as she felt her wetness dripping to her thigh. She wanted him and she wanted him to fuck her right there on the bed. Her arms were tight around William and she pulled him into her and he hovered over her on the bed.

He removed his clothes while he kissed her with vigor.  He pulled a condom from the nightstand drawer and pulled it over his hard cock. He pushed her legs open and pushed his cock to her wet cunt. His mouth moved to her neck as his teeth gently bit her jugular. Ann gasped at the sensation and groaned when William’s rather large cock penetrated her.

The sex was frantic, eager and lust filled. Ann gripped William as she was hanging on for dear life and William was the animal mounting his prize. His thrusts grew harder and faster and Ann wasn’t getting enough of him.  Her orgasms were uncountable as she came with every thrust of his cock. The bed was soaked beneath them and her body shook violently after each orgasm. William slowed down and pushed slowly as he came with clenched teeth and hissed. Ann’s mouth was open and her face glowed.

William fell to the bed panting and Ann pulled her head to his chest. His arm wrapped around her tight and asked, Can you come back tomorrow for another session?

Ann said coyly, Yes.

She didn’t know what William meant by session and her first and foremost thought was sex but perhaps it was to model for him. Either way she wanted “this again.

Dusk was setting in through the windows of the loft and Ann popped up to check the time.

“I need to get going so I can make dinner, Ann said in a hurried voice as she moved behind the screen.

Thoughts of Tim and the kids flooded her mind and she felt a twinge of guilt. She had lovers while married before but they were usually discussed before the event with her husband. She knew she had some explaining to do with Tim but felt he would understand the circumstance.

“Same time tomorrow? she said upward to project her voice over the screen as she pulled her panties up and grabbed her bra to put on.

“Yes, that will work for me, Ann, William responded. He sounded like he was still in the bed.

Ann quickly pulled her dress on and slipped her feet into the heels. She smoothed her dress down as she walked from behind the screen. She gave a nervous smile to William who was still on his back in the bed. Reality had set in for Ann and William was fine with the reality.

“The car is waiting for you down stairs, William replied with a smile as he moved out of bed. “Let me walk you to the elevator.

Ann walked toward William as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He was still very naked and Ann enjoyed his free will.

“Thank you Ann. William said as he faced her and bent down to kiss her lips a final time and moved to her ear. “Next time, don’t bother with the bra and panties. Just wear a dress over.

“Ok, she said under his trance.

Dark Gracie

Dark Gracie is a widely read sex writer, blogger, and deviant extraordinaire with a cult-like following. She gets up close and personal approaching sexuality with her trademark fallen-from-grace humor that entices readers. Her work has appeared in Fleshbot, Sex and the 405, BohoCrush,, Safeword Magazine and published in Erotica Diaries & Mayhem Magazine.

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