Anal Sex and Birthing

As soon as my water broke, my midwife phoned in a suggestion: lovemaking. She said that lovemaking would stimulate my body to produce the hormone oxytocin, which brings on the labor contractions. But, she warned against vaginal intercourse at this point – after my water has broken, the baby is vulnerable to any bacteria that could be introduced from the birth canal.

So Jay and I stayed in bed, playing with each others’ bodies. We’d had anal sex throughout my pregnancy. I attribute my anal health to regular backdoor boning – no signs of hemorrhoids or constipation, two of the most common problems pregnant women experience.

Now at pre-labor, it seems that anal sex is once again the best thing for me. I reached for my favorite vibe, my clown-faced toy soldier, and held its head against my clit. Crouching on all fours, keeping my head high and my butt low, I purred to Jay, “Fuck my ass…”

He mounted from behind me, gently poking his rod into me, carefully hitting target, keeping it neatly in the hole, no sloppy slaps past my perineum wall, until we both came urgently, quivering into readiness for what was soon to come.

Contractions came gradually, growing in intensity as the night wore on. I stayed on all-fours throughout the night. Jay massaged my butt outward, helping me visualize my body opening up to let my baby out. Midwives arrived and quietly sat on the floor of our bedroom as Jay and I labored. After two hours of active labor, I was tired, my arms and thighs shaking from exhaustion.

My midwife suggested a change in position. I stood up from being on all-fours, and put my arms around Jay. When a contraction came upon me, I hugged him tight and he held my weight, my feet on tiptoes off the floor. I pushed harder than I ever have in my life.

“You are so beautiful!” he said in between contractions. Sweating, hot, shaking and scared, I waved him off, my mind still on the work ahead. We kept hugging tightly through more contractions. He said he could feel the baby kicking through my belly onto his stomach, pushing just as much as we were, the three of us doing our own unique birthing dance.

As the baby descended lower, and the pressure on my cunt became unbearable, my midwife suggested I get back on all-fours on the edge of the bed. Jay went back to spreading my ass cheeks, gaping my holes at every contraction. Soon I was face to face with my sweet little child, crying loudly underneath my breasts.

It’s now been weeks since I gave birth. I am in love with my family – my amazing man, who supported me with the strength of his body and soul; and my beautiful child, who brings us so much joy!

I don’t have any tears, cuts or sutures. All that fucking in the past really prepared me for this. But I don’t feel like getting fucked in my cunt just yet. However, Jay and I have already had anal sex twice since I gave birth. I’ve had orgasms already, something I was worried about not having for months after childbirth. What a relief! Motherhood has not dulled my desire nor diminished my nature as a sexual being. Isn’t life grand?

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