Amazing Photos of Men’s Erections

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It’s not easy to find good images of men’s erections that aren’t all porn-y. Given how many men have internalized all sorts of notions about penises that have little to do with reality, it’s really wonderful to see, a collection of photos that men have sent in, documenting their penises.

The site has lots of photos of penises in every stage of erection. There are penises of lots of different sizes, shapes, and colors (although most of the men who have sent in photos seem to be white). There are photos of penises with foreskins and without, and there are photos  from men of all ages, too.

Most men who don’t have sex with men have never taken a good look at penises in the real world. When you’re at the gym, you might sneak a look but that’s about it. And as this site shows, some guys are growers and some are showers, so you can’t really get an accurate understanding of penises in the locker room. Not to mention that you’re not generally getting a close-up.

Of course, you can find lots of penises in porn, but that’s also not necessarily a realistic way to do it. Lots of guys in porn are pretty short, at least when it comes to total body height. A short dude with a 6-inch penis makes it look a lot bigger than a tall guy with the same size cock. This only fuels the anxiety that many men have around penis size.

So I’m really glad to see a site that focuses on giving people a more accurate view (no pun intended) of what penises look like, the range of sizes they come in, and how men feel about them. Click on the link above (or on the picture) and check it out. There are also some links to some excellent research and information sites, if you really want to geek out.


Dr. Charlie Glickman

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