Amanda Palmer Gives Pubic Hair a Shout Out!

Because Amanda Palmer is just this cool.

According to an article in Spin, the inspiration for this song is the similarity between the shape of female pubic hair and the state of Tasmania. She figured it’d be a fun one to play in that country, so she wrote it in about 7 minutes and performed it. And as often happens these days, a fan captured it on video and posted it to youtube,


Though the song was written in just a few minutes, Palmer feels it has a deeper meaning — yes, we’re talking about pubic hair freedom now. “I’ve been really shocked and distressed to find out that 8- and 9-year-old girls are getting all their pubic hairs waxed off by their mothers,” she says. “I think if I have any purpose at all, it’s to stand up there and say, ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, girls. You totally have a choice. You can wax it, you can shave it, you can grow it out, and this really is up to you.’ That’s the way that I feel about everything, that you just need to know there’s a choice out there.”

Adds Pope, the director: “On the surface, it’s a song about girls growing out their pubes. Underneath that, however, is a call to everyone, woman and man alike, to discover the courage to be themselves. Whoever that may be.”

I love all the different merkins (pubic wigs) they used in the video, especially the one painted like Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”. Which one is your favorite?


Dr. Charlie Glickman

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