After Hours Workout

Sweat stung her eyes as Tanya powered through the final minutes of her run, the treadmill zipping underneath her feet. The incline leveled off as the machine began its cool down mode. A personal best time and distance; she smiled in satisfaction.

Tanya reached for her towel only to realize it lay on the gym floor. A light brown muscular arm materialized before her eyes, snagging it up and holding it out. She followed the arm back to the superbly muscled body and smiling face of Gabe, the gym’s sexiest regular.

At six foot five, he was a full foot taller than Tanya and he could probably bench press her athletic form with ease. She often admired his tattooed, built body as he powered through his daily weight and intense cardio workouts.

He moved to stand by the front of the treadmill as her paced slowed gradually. “I thought I was the only one left until I turned off my music and heard you pounding on this thing.”

Gabe’s eyes sparkled as she took the towel from his grasp. Their fingers touched and they both flinched slightly at the shock of contact. Tanya had the instant thought that she would rather be doing some pounding of a different kind. She felt a flush rise to her cheeks as he continued to speak.

“Even Jack took off about fifteen minutes ago. I have a set of keys and know how to lock this place up.” A glance around the facility let Tanya know he was telling the truth; even Jack, the owner, had left for the night.

“I guess I was really into my run. It was a personal best for me.”

He leaned in to check out the display. “Good show. Those sexy legs of yours can really move.” His appreciative gaze moved from her legs to her slender hips, tight abs and perky breasts. Tanya felt his attraction and desire like the heat of a fire. Her skin warmed and her desire flared up.

The treadmill stopped and he extended his strong hand. Tanya took it, stepping gracefully off the machine. Now the difference in their heights was quite evident. She walked over to a padded mat area. “Do you have to shut this place down or do I have a few minutes to stretch?”

“Stretch whatever you want, darlin’. I still have another set to do.” He walked a few feet away and lay down on a weight bench.

As Tanya stretched out her tired muscles she watched Gabe lift and pull at the weights. She caught glimpses of tattoos and wanted to see more. As if on cue, Gabe sat up and peeled off his t-shirt before tackling a heavier weight. Her eyes were drawn to the intricate tribal tattoos and she felt her earlier desire coursing through her veins, her heart beginning to race.

His eyes met hers in the mirrored wall and Tanya realized she’d been caught staring. His hungry look made her shiver and she could see his own interest growing from the bulge in his shorts. He licked his lips and Tanya felt a warm wetness between her thighs.

Drawn to him, she moved towards the weight bench as he sat up. She straddled the bench in front of him and his hands found her hips before sliding around to grip her buttocks and pull her in to him.

Tanya could hear his ragged breathing as his hands found her t-shirt and yanked it over her head. He stared in anticipation as she slowly pulled her sports bra off, revealing perky breasts. He groaned as his mouth latched onto her lush nipples, sucking and licking at one then the other while Tanya gasped at the sensations pulling from her body.

His hands tugged on her yoga pants and Tanya held up a hand. He paused. “If my pants are coming off, so are yours.”

“That’s fine with me.” He made short work of her pants then stood up. She sat down and reached for the waistband of his shorts. She pulled them down, freeing his long, hard cock. Her hands grabbed it and swooping in, she licked it from base to tip. Gabe let out a loud moan and sat down hard on the bench.

She pushed him back and moved up straddle his stiff cock. She could feel the bulging tip against her hot, wet flesh and shivered. Gabe reached for her hips and pulled her down onto his shaft in one smooth movement. Tanya fought to catch her breath. Gabe closed his eyes, groaning softly.

Tanya drew in a sharp breath as Gabe bucked his hips, thrusting even deeper into her. His generous size fit her perfectly and she was amazed at how good he felt in her soaking pussy. She leaned forward and grabbed the metal rack that supported the steel bar.

Finding her balance, she began to move on him, slowly sliding up and down his cock. He opened his eyes and found her breasts with his strong hands, teasing her nipples to swollen, sensitive buds. He caught her gaze. “Do you know how fucking hot you are right now? Ride me faster baby.”

Tanya grinned and continued her unhurried pace. He chuckled lowly then shuddered as she shifted purposefully. She could feel her own need building and it took all she had to maintain her leisurely movements.

Gabe pinched her nipples hard and she let out a sharp cry. She began to ride him faster and harder. He panted and groaned as she let him slide from her hot pussy before slamming herself back down on his throbbing cock.

Gabe’s right hand left her breast and his fingers found her swollen clit. He rubbed her sensitive nub until Tanya felt herself slip over the edge. Her sharp cry of release was echoed by Gabe as he came, shaking.

He pulled her to him, whispering in her ear “Race you to the showers.”

The gym rang with her laughter.

Shayna York

Shayna York writes erotica; sexy, steamy fiction. She is the raunchy alter-ego of a 30-something woman who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. By day, she works in the field of communications, planning events and making things happen. Shayna believes erotica is all about getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Her first published story, 12 Steps to Desire is available now at:!

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