About Us: Good Vibrations sex-positive retailer

GVLoboBabeGood Vibrations is a diverse, sex positive retailer providing high-quality products and non-judgmental, accurate sex information through our clean and comfortable stores, web site, wholesale division, and product lines in order to enhance our customers’ sex lives and promote healthy attitudes about sex.


The Good Vibes blog has been around for over a decade, bringing interesting articles on sex, quality erotica, and product reviews, helping people choose body-safe sex toys.  This may seem like a long time on The Internet of Things until you realize that Good Vibes has been creating women-friendly, sex-positive, shame-free stores for nearly 40 years.

We are the premiere sex positive toy company in the U.S.  We have eight (!) stores, seven in the Bay Area and one in Brookline, MA, a web site www.goodvibes.com, movies online at www.goodvibrationsvod.com, and a successful private label wholesale line, Pleasure Works Wholesale.

Though our business structure has grown over the years, our mission and values have never changed. We have led the way on many fronts: We helped start other ‘sister’ businesses back in the 90’s. In 2001 we were the first sex toy company to refuse to sell toys with phthalates; we were the galvanizing force behind the pressure on manufactures to adopt body-safe materials. We increased our community sponsorship of local and national non-profits through our GiVe Program, supporting organizations that include Stop AIDS Project and Planned Parenthood.  Lastly, we were the first sex toy store to push for sustainable manufacturing processes that are kinder to the earth with our ecorotic® campaign.

But we haven’t been all business all these years; we have also positively influenced the culture of pleasure, kink, sex, & sex education through actions like creating International Masturbation Month as a sex-positive response to the firing of then-Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders and introducing the Summer of Consent, a call to increase writing, teaching, conversation and commentary about the role of enthusiastic, informed consent in our sex lives. We would love to hear from you, follow you, and learn more about you.  Let’s be friends!

And because we so deeply believe that #pleasureisyourbirthright  we made it the official company hash tag.  Feel free to tweet at us, tag us, suggest a board we should follow on Pinterest & like us on Facebook.  We often give our social media friends special last-minute perks & deals; we’d hate for you to miss those.