A Virtual Three-Way

Recently, Jay told me about his fantasies of a hot threesome. While I’ve never had a threesome, sex with Jay was amazing and I really wanted to have sex with John again. They were both well-built and amazing under the covers. I’m not sure if boy-girl-boy was the kind of threesome Jay envisioned, but it couldn’t hurt to ask. The only dilemma was the fact that John lived two states away and I knew, even if John did visit, he would not readily agree to sex with three people in the room.

One Saturday morning, as I fantasized about having sex with each of them separately, a vision of sex with both men, at the same time, crept into my awareness. I awakened from my reverie with one hand pulling at my breast underneath my pajama top, and two fingers buried inside my growing wetness. Playing was a solo-sex aphrodisiac readying my body for the main course. It would take a bit of planning, and a little convincing to pull off this crazy idea.

Later that weekend Jay and I met for margaritas at a local bar. I wore his favorite tank top, pink and cut low enough to reveal the top of two full-size breasts. He smiled as I leaned in closer, my body brushing lightly against his.

“So what would you think about a threesome with me and my buddy John?”

“It’s not quite the mix of people I imagined, but…” He paused. “How about we find a sexy red-headed chick? Isn’t that one of your fantasies? On your bucket list?”

He had a point. A few weeks earlier, I had revealed to him my attraction to gorgeous auburn-haired women. Running my hands down his chest, I silenced him by kissing him deeply. Easily aroused, he pressed his growing cock up against my thigh. Jay buried his hand in the hair at the back of my neck and pulled hard. It was his style to get a little aggressive. He knew it turned me on.

“We could go back to my place and get naked, just you and me.

The bartender glanced over with intrigue. Tempted to acquiesce, I stayed focused on my mission.

“Well, I have an idea.” I got wet as I said it. “It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to my friend John, the one who swam at UC, and even longer since I’ve seen him. Because he lives so far away, he and I limit our conversations to text and calls. And…” My turn to pause. Coyly I averted my eyes, “we have outrageously hot phone sex.”

Jay knew that his and my relationship was not exclusive. Jay is so highly sexual and non-judgmental; he always seemed open to unconventional ideas. I hoped that disclosing my sexcapades with another man wouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

“I’m listening.” He sounded so reasonable, as if we were talking about a business meeting. At that moment, I knew better. The thoughts in his head could not be pure. The slightest mention of sex can get him going. “When does the threesome part happen?” His hand made its way up my thigh.

“Hold your horses, hot stuff.”

I explained my idea to Jay. Hot and bothered, I would call John, which would lead inevitably to phone sex. John has a voice like caramel, smooth and sweet. He is on speaker phone every time we fuck. I love being able to touch myself with both hands; he loves hearing me moan as he brings me to climax. It’s not unusual for our play to last over an hour. Sex with John has made me late to more meetings than I can count, including once late for a date with Jay.

I began to explain the threesome to Jay. He could join me (us?) in one of these spicy phone sessions. John would be on speaker phone; Jay would be in my bed. A sort of virtual three-way.

Both men could describe or do as they wished to me. I envisioned John describing how he would flip me onto all fours and slide his tongue along my clit. He is a master with that strong tongue, darting in-and-out. His hands would grab my tits, squeeze, and bring my nipples to attention. From that position, when my pussy was drenched, Jay would want to push me down onto my stomach, rub his enormous cock down my slit, and enter me with amazing amounts of force. Jay knows just how to move his body with an unending rhythm in a way that makes me cum every time.

Jay could act out every sex move that John described. John would describe hovering over me, burying his hardness inside my wetness, my pelvis tilted back, and my legs spread wide resting on his sexy shoulders. The curve of Jay’s cock would caress my g-spot; not so gently because he can get aggressive in bed. Then, Jay would take over directing the scene. I would beg John to take me in the way that Jay was taking me at that very moment. Jay would turn me once again to straddle him, bobbing up and down on his big shaft, my hips grinding against his. Greedily, I would beg for more. The small, yet forceful and oh so sexy, moves of his hips would bring me to climax. Climax hard. I would coat his dick and his balls with cum.

As Jay pounded into me, I’d pull his fingers into my mouth. On previous calls, John loved hearing my slurps as he told me to go down on him; my fingers already wet with my juices would simulate his rod in my mouth. Last time Jay and I had sex, I sucked on his fingers. I got the sensation of one dick filling my mouth and another filling my hot box. The visuals of being stuffed by both Jay and John were enough to make me woozy just thinking about it.

Being with two men, simultaneously, would contour my pussy into a fist. Wrapping around one big dick, as I verbally stimulated another. Mmmmm. I would have to fight off climaxing too much or too soon. Or, maybe I would just have to let it come in waves.

I could envision crying out, fully engaged, “Yes. There, Ja… Jo… Ahhhhh¦” Too distracted by surreal sex, it would be hard to avoid screaming out either name. John moans loudly all throughout sex. I doubt he would notice that it wasn’t just him and me, or I doubt that he would really care. Jay is pretty quiet during sex, except for the good part, where he explodes deep inside and lets out a long primal roar.

Regardless, hearing all of us cum would be so incredibly hot.

Could it ever really happen? Sex, at the same time, with two of the hottest men I know? My pussy throbbed thinking of it.

I was standing close to Jay, propped sideways on his barstool. I whispered softly, my lips caressing his ear, “Three people enjoying sex. Three people touching and being touched. Three people climaxing. That is the goal of a threesome, right?”

“I’m in.”

A sly smile crossed my lips. “Well, that didn’t take much convincing.”

His hand slid down the front of my jeans. “When it comes to sex with you and this hot body,” Jay replied with his eyes sparkling, “it doesn’t take much.”

S. Lynne

S. Lynne is a mild-mannered professor by day and a vixen by night. Though most of her writing is scientific, she indulges her sexier side by recounting true stories of romantic interludes. S. Lynne is relishing new-found freedom after the end of a 15-year relationship. With many dating sex-capades to share, she hopes to educate and inspire!

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1 Response

  1. Jay says:

    This was an odd story when I ran across it. My wife and I have begun doing this exact thing. It’s very very hot. She has never slept with the other man.

    She usually keeps us ‘separate’ while she talks to him but it has led to awesome sex.

    The odd part? My name is Jay and his is John.