A Taste of Honey, Part 1

Sandy brushed a few locks of my hair behind my ear and kissed me on the forehead. “I’ll see you in about two hours, okay honey?”

I had come by the bar that night because my friend Lynne was performing a short set on the stage, and I’d wanted to give her moral support. It didn’t hurt that my hot-as-hell girlfriend was the bartender, either. I have to admit, I might’ve paid a little more attention to Sandy than the music, but who could blame me? Sandy is the most gorgeous butch I’ve ever seen, and I doubt many women would disagree. Caramel colored locks that fall a few inches short of her shoulders, usually pulled back into a militant-looking ponytail, a seductive smile that curves a little more to one side than the other, and sparkling sea-colored eyes that change color depending on the light, sometimes green, sometimes the palest of blues.

We were in an open relationship\’something that was new for me, but not for her. I was still getting used to dealing with the jealousy issues, but luckily they were few and far between. I was happier in this relationship that I’d ever been in any of the other monogamous ones. I was allowed to check out other women, kiss other women, and every once in awhile, Sandy and I would bring someone home to share. I didn’t have a secondary yet, but Sandy did, and that woman was going to spend the night tonight. I was slightly nervous, but Sandy had done a good job of reassuring me, and Sandy’s other girlfriend, Tara, wasn’t all that bad looking either\’a little more feminine than I usually went for, but pretty in a girl-next-door way, which helped me to feel less threatened. If she’d been gorgeous, I would have had trouble not comparing myself to her and then, quite probably, I would have found myself wanting.

I was supposed to meet Tara at our house at eleven, and I knew I was running a little late as I drove up our street. We lived in a pretty nice neighborhood, if a little too straight for my taste. Sandy and I were “roommates” to avoid any weird looks\’or worse\’from our hetero neighbors. I was less worried about it than Sandy was\’she had dealt with more intense situations than I had, as I could blend in with the straights easier and better than she could. Still, we’d managed to pass well enough so far, and there’d been no trouble at all. I pulled into my usual spot, locked the car, and walked up to our house. Tara was sitting on the porch, smoking what seemed to be a clove from its luscious, spicy scent.

She looked up as I walked up the steps. “Hey, Rachel. Nice to see you again,” she said, smiling a charming, genuine-looking smile. I didn’t doubt that it was genuine, either\’she’d been nothing but nice to me since we’d first met, and it was hard to dislike someone as sweet as her. She looked especially good tonight, her cinnamon-colored curls looking surprisingly touchable. She was wearing a simple green dress that certainly didn’t do her hair or complexion a disservice, and for some reason, I was finding her more attractive than usual, which surprised me\’she really wasn’t my type, not what I usually went for at all. I was all about the butches\’not butch without a single ounce of femininity, but Tara was certainly more, well, “girly” than I usually went for. Right now, though, she was looking so very sexy, and I found myself feeling shyer than I usually did around her.

“Hi, Tara. Want to come in?” She nodded her head, her curls bouncing a bit as she did. God, I just wanted to grab them, pull her tight against me, and\’and what, I didn’t know yet. Tara ground her cigarette out in the ashtray we kept on the stoop, and followed me into the house.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I asked her. “We have some beer from a really good local microbrewery, if you like beer okay, or there’s some Riesling, too, I think…” I trailed off, checking her out again, and hoping that I wasn’t being too obvious. How I had managed not to notice her until now?

“Do you have any liqueur, by any chance? I’m more into the sweet stuff.” She smiled, and then I realized that she was checking me out too\’I noticed her eyes not so subtly tracing the curves my tight jeans and low-cut top were meant to accentuate.

“I have amaretto, if that works? I could put it on some ice, if you want.”

“Sure, ice is good.” She sat down on the couch, and bent her legs up next to her ass.

“I’ll be right back.” I went into the kitchen, found the amaretto, and poured two fingers of it over ice. Then, back into the living room, where I placed the glass in her hand, our fingers touching for the briefest of moments\’not brief enough for me to avoid getting a little aroused, though. I’d always gotten a tiny bit wet from the first few touches from a woman I was attracted to, even if the touches weren’t expressly sexual. I sat down, ready to chat while we waited for Sandy to get home.

Tara took a slow swallow of her drink, and placed it on the table. Then, though, she surprised me, as she took an ice cube out of the glass. She leaned forward, placed it between her full, pink lips, and kissed me, sliding the ice into my mouth, along with her tongue. The ice cube came with slight hints of the amaretto it had been sitting in, a full-bodied, velvety taste, and I noted the contrast of the warmth of her mouth and the cold of the ice, intensifying each sensation, each thrust and slither of her tongue. Then I let go, and gave in fully to each kiss. It had been awhile since I had been with someone other than Sandy\’the last time we’d brought someone home together had been months ago, and I looked forward to taking a tour of this new woman’s body, finding out which buttons to push and how hard to push them.

Tara pulled back for a second, and I was about to ask her why she stopped, but she was too quick\’she dipped two fingers into the liquid in the glass and then shoved them into my mouth. “Suck on them,” she ordered, and I was happy to comply. I wrapped my tongue around them every way I knew how, and I saw that it was having a decidedly favorable effect on her\’she even shut her eyes, a low, sexy hum coming from her as I sucked away.

Then she spoke. “Sandy says you’re a bottom, and I’m a bottom too, but I decided awhile ago that I’d like to test out being a top. Do you think you’d like that? Go ahead and nod if you would\’I’m not removing my fingers from your mouth until I get my answer.”

I didn’t think she was doing even close to half-bad for a beginner. I’d figured she’d be holding the reins, but I hadn’t guessed once that it was her first time gripping them. It didn’t take me a second to decide. I nodded, three times to make sure she knew how certain I was.

“Good. You will not speak for the rest of the night, and we’re done when I decide we’re done, understood? Sandy says you usually use the red-yellow-green safeword system, so we’ll stick with that, but I’ll be very, very disappointed in you if you safeword out with me, because I hear you haven’t said ‘red’ a single damn time when you’ve been with Sandy. Is that true?”

What could I do but nod again? She’d clearly done her research.

Tara removed her fingers from my mouth. “Now, I think you should get naked.”

to be continued…


Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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